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Lazy Monday, or well, sort of: All kind of songs

1 September 2008

It’s a monday, which is mostly the most idioteque day of the week… It makes me lazy. So lazy, that i’m just too tired for writing something about the extensive lists of bands i wanna tell you about in the future. Then again, i promised an almost daily update, and I do know a lot of of bands of which i don’t have any full album but just one or 2 songs…

so this is a download mayhem.. seven songs, with only a minimum amount of information…hope you enjoy them all as much as i’ve been doing the last couple of months/years.. Because it’s a quiet day, most songs are quite relaxing…i’ll probably post some irritating noise tomorrow as compensation (or something completely different..even god doesn’t know)

Camper Van Beethoven – All Her Favourite Fruit (Orchestral Version): legendary indie rock band (famous of the song: take the skinheads bowling),  with a wonderful orchestral version of a song about Fruit! (I can’t directly link to the song download, but on the website you just have to click Download MP3)

Wheat – Closer To Mercury (Naked Version): I don’t like Wheat. Had an album of them, and wanna get rid of it. But this song is so amazingly poppy…even after knowing it for a couple of years, i still get the chills when hearing it. Goosebumps, goosebumps… I just don’t know, cause it sounds like classic american rock, but it just is one of my favourite songs ever. (you can start laughing now)

Yao Lee – This Love Is not for Me: one of my favourite writers is Murakami, and though Yao Lee is probably chinese, she reminds me of his literature. Yao Lee is an Asian singer from the fifties. This is quite old and traditional, but it just sounds great.

Benjamin Franklin – K7 Blanche A1 Cut: With a name impossible to google without ending up at sites about some famous American, i can’t find this guy’s website again. He’s Belgian, or French, and i once saw him live on the 10 year anniversary concert of the Belgian band de Portables.  A very weird show it was, with some guy talking about how he ate fish (or something)… anyway, electronic instrumental music that has a certain swing.

ARcher Prewitt – Parasite (Nick Drake cover) : Nick Drake is my all-time favourite (meaning really my ALL-TIME favourite), but since i don’t like posting songs that the RIAA can give any comment on (maybe i already did, but i try to avoid doing so), this cover is a good alternative.  It’s from the very experimental tribute album ‘Sculpting From Drake’

Andrew Philip Tipton – Proud Pumpkin : An antifolk-man from New York. That means quirky songs with a voice a bit reminiscent of Okay, like this song about pumpkins (or Tipton being a pumpkin). I didn’t really like his debut album “i’m a mess’, but still very curious about his new album which comes out this month. his MySpace does have some great tunes. Promising.

Dane Tucquet – Little Black Wheels: Howe Gelb, Mark Lanegan, beware of Dane Tucquet. I really wanna hear more songs from this guy, cause this is just great.. Alt. Country or something like that, with a deep raspin’ voice. He still has no album yet (according to his website)