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There are aliens on the way: Kallikak Family

12 October 2008

Who? Kallikak Family

What? Field recordings, noise, sound experiments

Sounds like? abstract sounds, containing not that much melody. think of abstract elektronica

Ok, Kallikak Family is a band that is hard to blog about, but they seem to be the best band to link to something else i want to tell about, which is funny or exciting in a way.

Apparently, we’re close to some extremely huge change on our planet. Next to the financial crisis, and the feeling that we’re al really getting crazy here (that’s at least the feeling i’m having, that we’re all running in some sort of extreme overdrive), on 14th of October, the aliens will come and help us!

Some medium, Blossom Goodchild, has been receiving messages from an extraterrestial race that calls themselves the federation of light. They told her that on the 14th october, their spaceship will appear in our skies, more precisely over Alabama, and will be staying there for 3 days. They DON’t want to take over, but are here to send us love and positive energy.

Me, as a sort of hippie (sort of), can’t be negative about aliens bringing peace and happiness, so let’s welcome them. I don’t believe this, but i’m curious of course. The Original message you can see in the youtube-link underneath. Fascinating, to say the least. (one question: why the arab music? all the neocons are now thinking it’s muslim propaganda)

What has this got to do with Kallikak Family? Well, this one-man band released an album in 2006, which was called “May 23d, 2007”, the day the artist believed he would die because a fortune teller told him so. His MySpace is still active, so the guy is probably still alive. Let’s hope that the medium wasn’t Blossom. Next to that, the concept album is a really great collection of abstract sound-experimental songs.

Kallikak Family – Second Phase

Kallikak Family – Guitar 2

There is not much information found about the guy , but you can buy his albums at Insound or at his label Tell All Records.  (although i’m not sure whether that site is still active)

Let’s add some noise: Khonnor

21 September 2008

Who? Khonnor

What? Elektro-acoustic lo-fi noise pop

Sounds like? bedroom elektronica, Helios, The Album Leaf

Whatever happened to Khonnor? Has he reincarnated into another band, and does noboy know which one? Fact is that I’m really looking forward to a new record of this guy, cause his debut album and masterpiece ‘Handwriting’ is already 4, 5 years old.

Khonnor was sixteen when he got his first proper release on Type records, a label that is specialized in elektro-acoustic and ambient-like music. Before that he got a reputation by giving away his albums for free online and on soulseek, the music-sharing program. You can still find some of his ep’s online, here, here and here. (you can see the guy has got a lot of alter ego’s)

I once saw a small documentary about him. It was from a swedish Mtv-program called this is Music (if there is someone who can give me all the episodes of that show, please let me know! … I’ve been looking for them ever since, because there were some extremely un-mtv’ish artists on that show..I mailed MTV Sweden, but off course they didn’t respond – i wouldn’t either). So, in this documentary we saw the 16-year old Khonnor, still going to high school and getting ready for a tour in Europe. The funny – disturbing? – thing was that his parents didn’t even know he had released a record, so they didn’t even know he was going to Europe.

Anyway, for your listening pleasure, an artist that deserves more praise:

Khonnor – Megan’s Present

Khonnor – A little Secret

You can still buy his album ‘Handwriting’ on Boomkat.