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Dear Friends of the Music PR Business

31 January 2011

As you might have noticed, or may not have noticed, this blog is dead. For now. Maybe, I get the feeling i want to promote more music I like somewhere in the future, but for now I just wanna sit down and eat cookies.

That also means you, meaning my dear friends of the Music PR business, no longer have to send me e-mails about how i should listen to the bands you represent. Actually, now that we’re being honest here: it is annoying, cause I always get the feeling I’m part of a sort of PR-factory. Everyday there are at least 5 or 6 e-mails in my inbox from new bands wanting to get famous – why would someone even want that? – and never have i written anything about those bands.

Why not? Because most of them suck. Sorry guys, it’s not because you shout really loud how amazingly good you are at playing guitar, that I’m gonna like it. Besides, I’m a snob. I dig through enough music dirt myself to find the diamonds underneath. In real life, you don’t find 10,000 dollars in your mailbox all of a sudden. It’s the same with Music PR.

Sure, I do realize I have caused this e-mail flood myself. I wrote somewhere that if you want me to listen to your band, that you should e-mail me. Sure. I only didn’t know that would create an whole army of PR-monsters who have no idea what I listen to or most of the time haven’t even visited my blog. They just see its name pop up somewhere and add it, whether they’re representing hip-hop, the new madonna or a freak-out psych pop gay band, to their e-mailrecipients.

The benefits of online marketing are obvious. You can reach a very big audience with just one click, and for the 98 no’s, you get probably one or two bloggers who are willing to listen to your bands. But you have to realise that the 98 others are getting irritated, because thye realize that there is nothing personal about these e-mails. There we are, filling our lives with personal opinions about bands we love, and what do we get in return? A bunch of  standard e-mails that most of the time pretend to be personal (“Hi Inside Out Sock, we watched your blog and we think you might be interested in this French metal bands) but are actually computergenerated nonsense.

Sorry, dear friends of the Music PR, we are no promotion machines. No, we are people who are passionate about music (and books too in my case), and we don’t want to be part of your great scheme to international success. And sure, there also are small bands that do seem to have checked out your blog and that do seem to know what it’s about, but they remain unnoticed because the “Industry” fucks up this marketing tool for them.

So, I hope you had fun while it lasted. I surely did. But it’s time to leave me alone right now. Better, it is time to leave a lot of bloggers alone. I’ll be replying this text to every PR person mailing me from now on. Maybe it helps us to establish that what you do, is kinda useless. But I guess that’s wishful thinking.

Kind Regards,

The inside out sock.

Hey, What’s this?

19 May 2010

Oh right! I had a blog.

I’m not dead

16 February 2010

I’m just snowed in. I’ll be back, if the sun starts shining.

End of 2009: 50 – 41

22 December 2009

There are so many lists out there, that I don’t have the pretention that mine will be anymore outstanding than all those others. Still, for personal benefit and glory, and for you people who can’t get enough of lists or are constantly looking for new musical tips, I present you my list. It’s got probably some obscure names, so you can brag about it with friends.

50. Boat – Setting The Paces (Magic Marker Records)

What? More of the same  poppy madness

If I would be a poet, I’d say that Boat is the ship to party island, where we would dance with monkeys on wheels, and drink liquor with coconut flavour. Their previous album ended way higher in my list, but I think that their 50 spot (which is still good knowing that there was A lot of competition) mainly has to do with the surprise element missing. Still, the album is like confetti canons blown in your face. Awesome!

Boat – Lately (I’ve been on my Back)

49. Vetiver – Tight Knit (Sub Pop)

What? Slowly turning into the great wise uncle of the modern indie folk movement

Now that  Devendra Banhart is turning into something we didn’t really ask for (at least I didn’t), his buddy Andy Cabic is almost the only one left from the indie folk bands that appeared a couple of years ago en masse, that keeps making albums on a high level. Is it surprising music? No, it’s not. Is it good? It is. Heartwarming is actually the word that applies best to this wonderful folky pop tunes. We hear a lot of albums like these in a year, but most of them miss the glue. Vetiver however is superglue. It sticks and won’t let go, not even after surgery.

Vetiver – Everyday

48. Built To Spill – There is No Enemy (Warner Bros Records)

What? Why is this on a major label?

I’m constantly striving for the total annihilation of all the major labels, so I hope that Built To Spill will soon make the jump to a smaller label. I guess they’re still there because no one knows they have been making the guitar rock-based indie pop in which they excell. The suits who run the business will be surprised the day they find out that this band is still on their roster, thinking ‘Built To Spill’ was just a marketing expression they used among each others. Anyway, Doug Martsch and hsi band have been on a constant high level – even though the first three times I ever heard them (somewhere around 2004 I guess) I wasn’t that convinced. But since then, they’ve been slowly creeping up my veins.

Still, to show I have principles: no mp3 (they don’t offer one on their site, so I can’t link to that one) and no link to the label. Fuck them.

47. The Leisure Society – The Sleeper (Full Time Hobby)

What? Britain’s answer to the Shins

The Shins ‘Chutes Too Narrow’ is probably number one on my list of ‘Albums which i can singalong with from A to Z, though I have no idea what the lyrics are all about’ and also on the list of most played albums ever. (though it doesn’t beat Nick Drake). The Leisure Society reminds me a bit of James Mercer’s project, although it fits the new upcoming folky pop movement in Great Britain perfectly too (think of Mumford And Sons, Noah & The Whale, and all those banjo & Ukelele-playing bands).  It never gets really up-up-tempo or rock-slashy-fuck-raaaahww!, but it’s that mellowness I can really enjoy at times. 

The Leisure Society –  A Short Weekend Begins With Longing

46.  Aidan Moffat & The Best-Offs – How to Get to Heaven From Scotland (Chemikal Underground)

What? Hear Ye, Hear Ye! World’s Worst Singer makes Best Of List! … Or: Scottish Man Drinks himself to Dead and makes album about it.

Scotland is a land. Scotland is a land with people. Scotland is a land with people that drink. Scotland is a land with people that drink and sing. Scotland is a land with people that drink and sing as if they’re drunk. Scotland is a land with people that drink and sing as if they’re drunk, like e.g. Arab strap. Arab strap was Malcolm Middleton and Aidan John Moffat. Arab STrap is dead. Malcolm Middleton is a man that drinks and sings. Aidan John Moffat is a man that drinks and sings as if he’s drunk. Scotland is Aidan John Moffat.

Aidan John Moffat & The Best-Offs – Oh Men!

45. Dead Man’s Bones – S/T (Anti-records)

What? a bit heavy on the halloween theme, even using children choirs.

Let’s scare the hell out of people, that’s what Ryan Gosling (the actor that I had to look up on IMDB) and Zach Shields must have thought when they teamed up as Dead Man’s Bones and made this halloweeny album. They hired a children’s choir (that can sometimes turn out to be scary as hell), and managed to make an album that’s about death and whatever, but can be listened to everytime throughout the year. It’s indie music basically, a bit surfing on the waves of other indie drama queens like the Arcade Fire. Not sure if this will survive the years to come, but for now it turned out to be one of the nicest albums of the year.

Dead Man’s Bones -Dead Man’s Bones

44. The Dodos – Time To Die (French Kiss Records)

What? Keep up the rhythm guys

Ok, I must admit that the new Dodos album wasn’t nearly as catchy as the previous one, but still. It’s good.  I think the main point of concern is that the unique interaction between drums and acoustic guitar is being replaced by a more adult sound, and adults are boring. Adults are children who everyone hates. But anyway, on this album it’s still good (otherwise they wouldn’t have made the list). STill, Watch the future guys. The Minimalism of ‘Visiter’ is what made you stand out.

The Dodos –  The STrums

43. Woods – Songs of Shame (Woodsist Records)

What? What did the campfire smoke that day?

‘At Rear House’ was my number one record in 2007. Back then, no one had heard of Woods, but the sheer energy with which they made this weird psychedelic folk album absolutely mesmerized me. In the meanwhile they’ve climbed the letter of fame a little, though they still keep sounding like the campfire band you don’t want to have at your lounge party with campfire because vice Magazine said that was trendy. Their sound has become a bit more standard – you can recognize more songs – but the extreme falsetto is still not something you give to your parents for Christmas. the band is by the way responsible for the weirdest concert of the year.

Woods – Rain On

42. Wavves – Wavvves (Fat Possum)

What? Prototype for a Noise pop-revival that I’m getting tired of already

Wavves was on my Young Talent-list last year, and surely filled in expectations, but I must say I’ve quite had enough of it. The Noise pop explosion that followed in his tracks, with millions of bands popping up, and all doing the same shit. Okay, so you’re lo-fi and you rock, but stop it. LEt’s try something else next year. STill, The debut album by Wavves was the perfect soundtrack for a sunday morning waking up in your own vomit.

Wavves – Gun In The Sun

41. The Avett Brothers – i And Love And You (Columbia)

What? Major label doesn’t completely spoil the fun.

Aaargh, another major label relase. How stupid. Oh well, that means no mp3-linking (their own fault). Anyway, The Avett Brothers make fun bluegrass-styled music, but get a bit more mainstream on this album. But because they were a lot of fun, they are still a lot of fun, only slightly less. I’m not gonna say much more, cause major labels don’t like blogs merchandising their stuff (otherwise they would provide mp3’s or not sue people). So  all I can say is that the album is good, but that if you want to check it out, it’s at your own risk. I’m also happy to annoucne that I got this shit illegally. Ha!

An Inside Out Sock’s best of the Decade list: 26 – 20

14 November 2009

So, I can’t even keep up with regular posting on this blog, but I decided to chip in on the trend to, now that 2010 is only a month and a half away, reflect on the past decade. In terms of society, we’ve entered a new Dark Ages as far as I’m concerned, but because one of my mission statements for this blog was to not talk about me, I’ll only bother my friends in the bar with that. I don’t consider myself important enough to be sharing my opinion on everything that’s going on.

So, let’s talk about music then! In my list there will be no Wilco, no Arcade Fire or no Radiohead. The first two surely would be in my traditional decade list, but I decided to focus on those bands that aren’t in any lists, albums that have been ignored or forgotten, or albums people have never even heard about. 26 albums precisely, and I believe all of them are timeless. At least to my ears, because I give them a spin all too often.

Making this list sucked. I had to leave out a lot of favorites. And quite a few of the bands have featured on this blog before. I won’t upload new songs for them, unless the uploaded songs are from another album. is number 26 to 20. Oh yeah, no albums from 2007, 2008 or 2009. I wanted to make it really obscure.

26. Hudson Bell – Captain Of The Old Girls (Upperworks, 2002)

captaincover Sounds like: A nineties indie-retro melancholy soup

Hudson Bell is one of those bands I got to know by just downloading everything that was in my way. Ninety per cent of those songs disappear into the Microsoft Trash can, where it will be monitored how much illegal music I have once owned, so that it can be used against me. Hudson Bell is the bastard son of Neil Young and Built To Spill, but just a little bit sadder then. I wrote about them here. You can also find some songs there. And release that new album man.

25. Arab Strap – Monday At The Hug & Pint (Chemikal Underground, 2003)


Sounds like: Scottish pub-sadness, but as long as there is beer in the end, we’ll be happy.

Arab Strap wasn’t known for their happy songs. The collaborative project of Adrian Moffat (who released a fine album this year by the way) and Malcolm Middleton (who has been releasing good stuff since he started a solo career) was all Scottish melancholy. It was rough, but musically amazing. The Mumbling of Moffat, combined with the sometimes uptempo melodies, makes this album a master in duality. Ok, this is crap, but it’s really good. As an extra I’ll add a song of a sideproject of Moffat, The sick anchors, where he sings a cover by Atomic Kitten in his own amazing way. If you have that single, I’ll marry you.

Arab Strap – The Shy Retirer

The Sick Anchors – Whole Again (Atomic Kitten cover)

24. the Love of everything – Handjob Community ( Redder Records, 2004)


Sounds like: Daniel Johnston’s squeaky basterd nephew, but even worse at singing.

I have not known the Love of Everything for more than a year, but already they are among the most played bands on my pages the last six months. It’s got this sincerity I’m looking for in music. Anyway, i wrote about the band not so long ago. You can download some songs there.

23. Havergal – Lungs for The Race (Secretly Canadian, 2001)


Sounds like: The Postal Service who didn’t care about being poppy. Why, but not Why?

Havergal..damn, i wish he would resurrect from whatever grave or coffee bar he’s in, to release something new. He made two albums and then kind of disappeared from the face of the earth. the last login on MySpace is from beginning of 2009. Maybe i should become a documentary maker and then go on a search for Havergal. Anyway,  I wrote about him here.

22. Black Bear – The Cinnamon Phase (Baskerville Hill Records, 2006)


Sounds like: Casiotone for The Painfully Alone, you’d better watch your back.

Another project that hasn’t been heard of after this album. Too bad, cause I think this is one of my favourite bleep-bleep indie squeak bedroom projects. I wrote about this project here. Download those songs.

21. Chauchat – Chauchat (Free digital release, 2006)


Sounds like: the sadcore indie project no one knows about, but everyone should know, cause it’s fucking underrated.

I don’t use the word ‘fucking’ that often, but in regard to Chauchat, it’s necessary. There is no vessel in my mind that would doubt that this band can be really big with the american indie crowd. It’s got all what indie bands need. Damn. Luckily, it’s not too late to discover, cause this album can be found for free on the internet. And therefore I applaud them even more. Also try out their other stuff. And by writing this, I found out they released a new album for free this year, to be found on Last.FM.

Chauchat – Olde Smuggler

Chauchat – Young And Dethroned

20. Okay – High Road (Absolutely Kosher Records,  2005)


Sounds like: A cricket singing about heartbreaking emotions.

This cd was rediscovered by me the last week. It’s been my wake up-cd. The unique way with which Okay connects the sad lyrics (and voice) with poppy melodies..It breaks my heart each and everytime. another bastard son of Daniel Johnston, with the ability to unite melancholy with uplifting indie pop.

Okay – Compass

The rest is for later this week! (or two or three or four. Eventually I’ll get there)


An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine!!: Introduction & The Rules

11 October 2009

I have been planning to use this blog a bit for my own benefit (and a lot for yours). How? I have cleaned out my cd-collection and came up with quite a lot of albums that need to get out of my house as soon as possible. I also have a box of cds that i still need to listen, to see if they have to get out of here. So the list is growing as we speak. (Just decided to get rid of ‘Tanglewood Numbers’ by Silver Jews e.g)

I am however not interested in your money, for various reasons. I get a lot of these cds for free because I write reviews. It’s not fair gaining money, just because i think a cd sucks. Next to that, I know i’d use the money just to buy new cd’s (or books), so.. why would i do that? Giving away for free, leaving me with a lot of delivery costs, is not really my favourite solution.


So i came up with An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine. I’m gonna trade my cds like I trade my unwanted books. but because there are no good cd-swaps sites on an international level, I’ll have to organize it myself.

I’m gonna make it interesting for you, my reader.  Cause you can trade your stuff through my site as well. I’m not really sure how I am gonna manage to do that, but i’ll figure it out. First see how the response is off course.

Okay, here are the rules

  1. In my list (see my next post on the blog), you’ll see a difference between regular Cd’s and Promo copies. I’ll trade 2 regular cd’s against 1 cd or book that I desire. So how will that work?  You say “I’d like to have “Tanglewood Numbers” by Silver Jews and “Infest” By Papa Roach”. You’ll give me a list of things that you are willing to get rid of. If there’s a cd or a book on that list that I like, I say: “allright, send me that one. And I’ll send you those two you want.” It’s as simple as that.
  2. If you have 3 promotional cd’s, that’s worth 1 cd or Book. So, you take three promotional cd’s from me, you’ll give me one item in return.
  3. if you want a combination of promotional cd’s & regular things? 1 regular cd + 2 promos = 1 item in return. 1 promo + 2 regular cds = 1 item in return.
  4. damn, this is complicated
  5. I have also a box of Gonzo’s Mind The Gap ‘Compilation’-cd’s. You get four if you give me one thing in return. great experimental stuff most of the time. I’m not really eager to type all tracklists, so I’ll send four random ones
  6. Most cds are in mint condition.
  7. if you have items that you want to get rid of yourself, you can send me the list, and I’ll just add them to my list. If someone’s interested in your stuff, i’ll give you eachother’s contact information. Of some sort.

Well, if I’m forgetting something, I’ll notice soon enough I guess.

Edit: if you want to trade something, leave a comment or mail me at tOMBLExxxxweed at telexxxnet dot be (without the dots, capitals and x’s. You’ll figure it out)

Now, my next post: The List

arrows1The concept of trading summarized in a Google Image Image.

Two weeks away

26 July 2009


I’m off for two weeks United States. Quite exciting for someone who never left Europe.

After that, i’ll try to revitalise this blog.

See you then.