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so we are all eagerly waitin’…

29 November 2008

for the sequel. I’ll try to write it tomorrow. But it takes a lot of time, which i don’t ahve at the moment, cause i’ve got to finish 16 reviews by Monday.

16, yes.

Only myself to blame!

But keep coming back to here, the bands from 40 to 31 will appear here at least before Tuesday.

2008 Galore! pt. 5: TOP 50 (50-41)

24 November 2008

So, the big moment has arrived. During the next week (or two weeks, depending on the time i have to present yo this list), i’ll tell you what my 50 favourite records were from 2008. I must admit I haven’t listened to every album that got released this year, but maybe i’ll make a few corrections at the end of the year. Maybe not.

Comment as much as you want, cause i really enjoy that. Oh, by the way. You don’t have to read everything. Just check out the mp3-links, look for them on myspace or the illegal circuit.. or Better buy their albums and surprise yourself! (and if you don’t like it, give the record away, to a homeless person or a starving kid in africa)


50. Thee Oh Sees – The Master’s Bedroom is Worth (Tomlab)

Sounds like: The garage version of Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra

One of the important questions in life is whether garage music must be made in a garage or not. I’ve been wondering about that for ages. No idea whether Thee oh sees recorded stuff in a garage once ,or just pretended to be in one. It surely rocks and has a lot of energy, and the harmonic singing between the woman and the guy give a sort of Lo-fi White Stripes feel (lo-fi!). May i remind you that the White Stripes-comparison isn’t accurate at all?

Thee Oh Sees – Maria: Stacks


49.  31 Knots – Worried Well (Polyvinyl)

Sounds like: Math rock with a rough edge

No, 31 knots, what have you done? Inviting Children’s choirs to sing along? Thou wilt no longer be a appreciated rock band! I’ve read some stupid things about this new album, but for me, it’s just one of the best rock albums this year. I don’t listen to heavy music (well, heavy, let’s not exaggerate here tom) that often, but 31 Knots is enjoyable at most times. It’s math rock (which is a stupid name for difficult dissonant riffs i think).

31 Knots – Certificate


48. The Burning Hell – Happy Birthday (Weewerk)

Sounds like: Smog on Ukelele, although you don’t really hear the ukelele

Ok, i must admit: The Burning Hell isn’t as catchy or cool as Bill Callahan, but his voice is as deep, and some of his songs are the same. He is told to be a ukelele virtuoso, but unfortunately the ukelele doesn’t get a central part in his songs. He’s got something of a vaudeville, and he has made one of the best songs of this year (which i will share not now, but later on in the year). But this one is really nice too.

The Burning Hell – Happy Birthday To The End Of The World


47. Department of eagles – In Ear Park (4AD)

Sounds Like: Riding the Sixties indie carroussel

Retro is the theme word of the year. There are really a lot of bands in my list that actually seemed to have born in the wrong day and age. No, no medieval bands though. Department of Eagles is a sideproject from the guys of Grizzly Bear (and i wasn’t that fond of their Yellow House-album), and is a real trip into nostalgia. This music reminds me of carroussels and i have no idea why. it’s like music that you swing around too, with your hands in the air while riding a plastic horse.

Department of Eagles – Teenagers


46. Noah & The Whale – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down (Vertig)

Sounds like: Every singalong, whistle, hand-clap record.

So, Summer is over officially. There is snow all over the place, and people crashing their cars into freshly built snowmen. But that doesn’t stop Noah & The Whale from singing about their happiness. Last year, i had a pretty similar album in my list (although this isn’t as catchy as that one): Bishop Allen. Strangely, i wanted to put this band into my talents for the future list of 2007, but eventually didn’t. And at first their album disappointed me, but… you know what. I’ll take the text i wrote from last year’s Bishop Allen album:

” While I was making this list, i wanted this band out. I liked them, but not that much, right? And I listened to the Broken string. And Again. And Again. And everytime i thought: “nooo, this definitely must stay in”… and then after a week i wanted them out again. But it’s impossible. This is catchy. So damn catchy.”

Just replace the Broken string by ‘Peacefully, the world lays me down’.

Because their album is released by a Vertigo, which is part of Universal, and i don’t want to post mp3’s that could piss RIAA-people off, i’ll just add the well-known YouTube-Clip:


45. The Wave Pictures – Instant Coffee, Baby (Moshi Moshi)

Sounds Like: What’s with the accent, dude? British poprock

The most fun about this band? The English Wit, combined with the amazingly thick London Cockney accent (as far as I know, it could be Liverpudlian too..i’m nto British). Their songs are quite catchy too, but in a different way than Noah & The Whale. This is more rock-related, perhaps even close to Britpop (although they remind me of the Clash, but then again, i don’t know that much about the Clash..but there’s a bit of a reggae-mood in here). I do admit that after a whole album, his voice can get a bit tedious, but that doesn’t take away the fact that this is a really feel-good album, and probably a really good live band.

The Wave Pictures – We Come Alive


44. Stanley Brinks – Dank U (B.Y Records)

Sounds like: Bossa Nova Loner

I’m getting Flashbacks. Last year Adrian Orange & her Band made this rather excentric bossa nova album that ended up high in my list, and this year there is another artist that makes a strange album that sounds very south-america. So, you all know Stanley Brinks from his past as André Herman Düne (about which he made the amazing song called Stanley Brinks) , and i seem to miss him in the band Herman Düne. They also make this southern catchy songs, but when they were still ocmplete, their songs sounded less shallow (so sorry guys, you’re not in the list this year). This is a melancholic southern album, with trumpets and all of it. Amazing. Dank u, Stanley Brinks (for the non-dutch speaking community. Dank u is Dutch for Thank You)

Stanley Brinks – New Hampshire


43. Ray Lamontagne – Gossip In The Grain (RCA Records)

Sounds Like: Otis Redding stepping away from the soul, but sometimes returning to it.

There aren’t many people with Ray Lamontagnes goosebump-voice. That being said, this album is actually a bit too clean for my standards. I know, that’s just wanker talk (My collegue and big Lamontagne-fan will probably curse me right now), but i’m really looking forward to hear Ray Lamontagne’s Pink Moon-album. Just him with a guitar, his voice, and okay a bit of the very intense production that is exemplary of his albums. But just not too much. Because of his voice, he’s in the list. Again a major label issue, so no mp3 but a video:


42.  The Two Man Gentleman Band – Heavy Petting (Serious Business Records)

Sounds like: Woohoo, get out the Kazoo’s, Bottlenecks, Blow Bottles and Banjo’s, cause we’re having an old time rag folk swing party here

The Two Man Gentleman Band is the most retro band in my list. They sound like two guys having lived on their farm for 80 years. The use of kazoos is just so over the top, but so funny. It’s probably an album that will get boring after a while, but right now, i’m still enjoying every inch of it.

not only a song, but also a video, because it’s so funny

The Two Man Gentleman Band – Playing My Kazoo


41. Mr. David Viner – Among The Rumours & The Rye (Loose Music)

Sounds Like: classic singersongwriter-stuff

When making my list, i started with over 200 Bands, and very quickly erased dozens of them. I relistened to stuff and got rid of them. I listened to it again, and they got out of there. And Mr. David Viner remained. I don’t know why. I really don’t. He’s the Strange bug in the dog’s skin, and maybe next year, he’ll be totally out of this list. Everytime i watch over my list (i do that at least ten times a day, to see if there are any last minute changes), I see him standing there and thinking “Mr. David Viner, who the hell is that?” and then i listen to one or two songs, thinking: “well, this is quite good.” It’s nothing special, just songs that sound timeless. (he’s maybe this year’s Kid Harpoon). He used to do shows with The White Stripes, by the way. (but expect something completely different). Funny how I started with White stripes and ended with them!

Mr. David Viner – Do What Thou Wilt

in Dutch, we have an expression, translated it is “The Head is Off”. Which means, we’ve started. Expect more bands in the following days/weeks (depending on the time and the mood i’m in).

Am I Nostradamus? The Results of the Jury

20 November 2008


I didn’t have a blog last year, but i did have all these end-of-year lists, including the 2007 Young Talents list. I posted them on

Now, i thought it would’ve been a fun idea to see whether i have good prophecying skills. To put it differently: how did those bands do this year? Did they live up to my expectations, or did they just sit on their lazy ass all time

Well, lets’s see!

9. Imadethismistake .. I’ve blogged about them before. As far as I know (and their myspace doesn’t really help), they haven’t released new songs, although he stepped away from teh acoustic path and started to go electric (maybe he was electric all the time, but i just focused my opinion on that one album i knew). Anyway, still like the songs on his myspace. Mr. Kylewilliam Capol, if you read this, you can always let me know what you’re doing! Still looking forward to this.

8. French Quarter: Well, on his website you can read that there will appear an album in January 2009, which we are all extremely looking forward too!

7.  Begushkin: They released a proper debut album this year, called King’s Curse, which you can order here. He stepped away from sounding like Will Oldham’s little nephew, and now is sort of a nick cave thing. It’s a pretty weird album (well it’s got this strange atmosphere. I’m not sure what to think of it)

a song from the new album: Begushkin – Refugee And the Hag

and one from the EP: Begushkin – Nightly Things

6. The Morning Benders: Well, just wait and see how high their debut album ‘Talking Through Tin Cans’ is in my list. (it’s high, i can tell you that). In the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and download their Bedroom Covers album for free. Not as good as the album, but pretty good.

5. Randall of Nazareth: Complete Silence

4. BeatBeat Whisper. They Also released a proper debut album, which sounds very nice (but will not be in my list) and is called ‘Wonder Continental’. Buy it at their website. Beware, only 70 copies left!  I also found out that the guy has released a soloalbum under the moniker ‘That Blasted Hound’, which you can freely download here. Some nice singer-songwriterstuff. Ayla Nereo, his sister, also has a solo-album, but that’s a bit older i think (too lazy to look it up, can you imagine that?)

3.  David Vandervelde: Well, he’s perhaps the biggest disappointment on my list. His second album ‘Waiting For The Sunrise’ was quite boring. I’m quite fond of 70’s like singersongwriters, but this was just kind of dull.

Just check it out for yourself:

David Vandervelde – I will be fine (from Waiting For The Sunrise)

DAvid Vandervelde – Jacket (From Last years Moonstation house band)

2. Kid Harpoon: I only recently found out that he had a second EP (called the Second EP), which unfortunately didn’t really live up to my expectations. He sent me (and all the other people on his mailinglist, not an unimportant detail) a mail. Next week, he will upload video’s on his site in which he covers a song, and we could do suggestions. I made following list.

1. M.Ward – Sad Song
2. Bonnie PRince Billy – I See A Darkness
3. Something By Andrew Bird
4. Ane Brun – Tree House
5. Something by Bob Dylan (Desolation Row let’s say)
6. A Daniel Johnston Song
7. Fionn Regan – Put A Penny In The Slot
8. Herman Düne – Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day
9. Iron & Wine – NAked As WE Came
10. Something by nick drake

I wonder if anythign of that will be up there, especially after I’ve just said that his second EP was not that good. Sorry Kid Harpoon! Anyway, keep an eye on his website. You do need to register, but that’s just a formality, so don’t let that stop you!

1. Bon Iver: Well, i get 10,000 points for this don’t I? In Belgium the biggest hype since Elvis. No, not really, but Bon Iver got some spins on national radio, got invited to this talkshow in Belgium (on National tv), and people repeatedly told me to check out this guy called Bon Iver. I just bragged about how i knew him before everyone else, cause i’m like that sometimes.

Let’s see, that’s a 3 out of 9.

That sucks.

2008 Galore!, part 3: Best Promising Artists for the future

18 November 2008

Well, this is quite the Osar-category i know, but it’s just a way for me to talk about 10 artists that i like, but just don’t seem to fit in the top 50-list that is coming up after this post. (well, not immediately after it, somewhere this week). The albums of these people have their flaws, but they are promising enough to make me look forward excitedly to when they release their next album. So, without no further ado, here they are.

DISCLAIMER: ok, first add this. The songs I add aren’t necessarily my favourite of the record, because i’m planning to keep those mp3’s for a big 50 best songs at the end of all these lists. So you’ll get twice the goodies!


10. Pwrfl Power – PWRFL Power (EP) (Catbird Records)

what? Crazy Japanese guy makes antifolk songs

I wrote something about this crazy Japanese American here, so i’m not gonna keep on blabbing about it. He’s Japanese, naïve, and has released 2 albums this year. His full album – also named PWRFL Power  – was a bit too long and tends to get boring, but the small EP was just the right size. From one of the coolest small Indielabels in town, Catbird Records. Too bad it’s sold out!

PWRFL Power – Alma Song


9. Liam The Younger – Clear Skies over Black Water (Self-released)

What? An early acoustic Bright Eyes without the emo-stuff

Everytime I hear this guy, it makes me think of the first time I heard Bright Eyes. The year was 1999 (or maybe not, i really don’t remember), and Conor Oberst still made homerecordings. The only difference he sometimes had the urge to start screaming instead of singing (what i really liked as a teenager), whereas Liam The Younger just keeps on singing in his own voice. You need to be in the mood for this though, cause it can get quite monotonous if you’re looking for exciting music. But on quiet nights, when you’re looking for something acoustic that resembles Mt. Eerie, Bright Eyes and other indiestuff (i know that this is really really very broad), you can always listen Liam The Younger. Oh I forgot to mention the cool part: you can download the entire album for free here. Don’t worry, he provided the link himself on his Myspace-page. (together with other albums that i haven’t heard yet!)  Thank You Liam!

Liam The Younger – Walking


8. Wavves – Wavves  (Fuck It Tapes)

What? Sunny Californian Lo-fi Noise

2008 was the year of the return of the Noise pop. Bands like No Age, Times New Viking and many more were suddenly considered cool by Pitchfork and others. And franktly, i like them too. The time when people passed tapes around i missed by just an inch (let’s say 10 years), but it seems all to be coming back. I made noise once too (you can listen to the result here), but Wavves is much better. This release is only available on cassette until now, but it well get re-released on LP by Fuck it Tapes. And his next album will be on De Stijl which isn’t a very small label. I’m really looking forward to that!

Wavves – Wavves


7. Jayber Crow – Two Short Stories (Self-released)

What? Indie folk, very reminiscent of The Decemberists

Is it a crime to sound like a big well-known indie-singer? Especially if that guy’s voice is quite recognizable. I guess the guys from Jayber Crow don’t do it on purpose, but everytime i hear their album, it’s like hearing an early tape of Colin Meloy from Decemberists-fame. The only difference that Jayber Crow is less pompous, more direct. I must admit not all songs appeal to me, but the ones that do, do it really good. You can buy their album on their website (by PayPal)

Jayber Crow – Saint Anthony


6. The Wind Whistles – Window Sills (Aaaah Records)

What? Singalong Folk, moldy peaches reference in their own bio isn’t entirely accurate, but accurate enough

Another band i’ve blogged about in the past. And another album that you can download entirely for free. It’s amazing how many great albums get released for free every year. Radiohead isn’t the only one. You should try this, cause this music makes you feel happy. I had a rough day at work today, I put on my Mp3-player and found myself singing along out loud (not based on a true story, but it’s just for the dramatic effect). Really enjoyable music.

The Wind Whistles – Man By Name Of Denver


5. Michael Rault – Crash! Boom Bang!

What? It’s rock-‘n-roll!

Michael Rault is retro. So retro that his albums sounds as if it’s been recorded during the late fifties, early sixties. It seems as if one has found an album that has been lying between your father’s record collection for over 40 years now.  This brings you back to times you probably have never experienced but really wish you were part of. It makes me feel at least a little rebel. You can buy his album at CD Baby. (knowing that this bloke is 20 or so, makes it even more fantastic!)

Michael Rault – Pretty Thing


4. Entire Cities –  Deep River

What? Canadian Indie, with really solid songs.

Ok, it’s hard for me to give a very appealing description of Entire Cities. The songs are just really good, the voice has this great grunt in it (it’s not metal). It’s perhaps a bit alt. country, but then the rockier version. God, this isn’t making any sense at all. Let’s start over again: Entire cities has made a bloody good album with Deep River and instead of reading this, you should listen it. (Their site seems to be offline for now, but i guess you can order the album there.)

Entire Cities – Talkers


3. James Yuill – Turning Down Water For Air (Moshi Moshi Records)

What? Indie electronics, The Postal Service is no longer needed! (Styrofoam, meet your competitor)

James Yuill was on my wishlist for over 2,5 years. I once listened to a song of his and then planned on buying his debut album. That was 2005, and then I forgot. Sometimes i remembered his name or found this mp3 I had and thought of looking for it again, but it’s only with this album that I really got to know the guy. He’s responsible for one of the top 5 songs this year (which i won’t offer for download YET, excitement!), and has brought out an album that makes me forget that The Postal Service had planned on releasing an album this year and didn’t. I don’t listen to indietronica that often, but this one made me feel really happy. Thanks James. (On his website you can download some of his remixes.)  His album can be found at all good record stores, normally.

James Yuill –  No Surprise


2.  The Ivy League – This is Ivy League (self-released)

What? Kings of Convenience with a pinch of typicall Swedish Sounds and the zombies or something like that.

Every year there is at least one album somewhere in my lists that sound a bit Swedish. You know, the sound that bands like Jens Lekman, Suburban Kids with Biblical Names and Irene have. It’s this bittersweet sound, with a lot of trumpets and stuff. Now these guys are from New York, but they sounds as Swedish as Sm°orrebr°odt. Next to that, they seem to pick up the sound that Kings of Convenience have left (what happened to those guys, well, to the Not Erlend Oye-guy). Really enjoyable sweet romantic. One but though. Guys, if you ever end up here reading these words of praise: make your album not only available on iTunes store. Many people aren’t fan of that (well, i’m not). More distribution canals would be really cool.

The Ivy League – Impossible Love


1. Mumford And Sons – Mumford And Sons (EP)/ Love your Ground (EP)

What? Incredibly Sounding Young New Indie Folk in the tradition of bands Like Deer Tick

Okay, if you think that these are just too many tips for you, and can’t handle all that music, then ignore everything I have said until now. Last year, my number one on this list was Bon Iver (if I remember it as well) and he really boomed. Well, let me say you one thing: Next year is gonna be the year of Mumford And Sons. They have a really incredible sounds, and surely, they should be in the big list, but i realized that i would give them more credit by putting them on a number one spot. Everybody GO OUT AND LISTEN THIS . (And now if someone can tell me where i can buy a copy of both ep’s and when they will release their debut album, i can end this piece in peace)

Mumford And Sons – Little Lion Man

2008 galore!, part 2: The Most Beautiful album covers of 2008

16 November 2008

I must admit i don’t spend that much time in selecting my album covers of 2008 as i spend time finishing the list of lists. Therefore, i sometimes end up selecting album covers that may not deserve to end up in this list, because there are way better looking artwork cd’s out there. Then again, if there is one thing about lists that is certain, that is that they are temporary, useless, and futile.

So, bearing that in mind, i present to you: the nicest album covers of 2008.


10.  Ass – My Get Up And Go Just Got Up And Went

I’m craving obsessions, and lately i’ve been developing this obsession for old picture book pictures. This cover seems to fulfill this need. Whilst reading a journal, Mr. Theodore Contagious heard someone ringing at the door. He thought: ‘ it must be my brother’, but when opened the door, he saw it was the devil in person. – and there is this whole story about how a simple peasant tricks Satan. In combination with the funny title it even gets better.


9. Grand Salvo – Death

There used to be this show on television where animals were cut out of paper, and then they played shadow performances with it. I never watched it though, and i only saw it during one of my many zap rounds. But it’s nice how just the contours (is that even english?) of an object/animal can give us an idea of what we’re looking at. This one on number 9 to honour the great art of silhouettism let’s say. (I’m positive that silhouettism is definitely not a real world)


8.  PWRFL Power – PWRFL Power (EP)

I don’t think many people will agree with this, but they haven’t seen the album in reality. It’s been standing on top of my cd shelves for over six months now (its size to big to put inbetween the other cd’s), and it’s really intriguing. Mine has got a green background intstead of this pink one though. There is something about that look in his eyes that fascinates me. I can show you it in real-time; then you’ll know what i mean. You can give me a call.


7. Cloud Cult – Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-partying through tornados)

Franktly, this one could’ve been with my worst album covers as well. It’s real kitsch, but it fascinates me, and in the end i realized that i enjoy watching it. I’m not sure why.


6. James Yorkston – When The Haar Rolls in

Another one to fit my child book pictures fetisj. (That fetisj is made up just for the purpose of explaining why this picture is in my top 10). Pictures that contain stories, they are my favourite. Well, i could blab on about this one forever, but i won’t bother you with that.


5. Human Highway – Moody Motorcycle

If you like retro, you have been treated amazingly well this year. Albums that seem to come straight out of the sixties or seventies, it seemed to be a trend. And that means the album covers got this old look again as well. This one was one of the most succesful, but the best retro cover will come a little bit later.


4. Mumford And Sons–  Mumford And Sons

As in now…. this is pur sang retro, and an album cover that would look really amazing on poster format on your wall. I want it.


3. Matt Bauer – The Island moved in the Storm

This album cover tells a story as well. A story I haven’t had the time to listen to up until now, so i have no idea whether it’s a good album, but the cover looks just too great not to include into my list.


2. Women – Women

Woohoo! Chinese Communists! And they are doing morning gymnastics! This is not only a great album (how great? just wait and see), it’s also a great cover. Old pictures, nostalgia, etc. (god ,i have no idea what to say, maybe i just have to let the cover tell its story)


1. These United States – A Picture of the Tree Of Us at The Gates of The Garden of Eden

Is that your number one? It’s boring! Yes, it is. but, if you just know what the title of the album is (and you know, cause it’s right above this text!) then this is definitely my number one. Simple, to the point and the perfect correlation with the rest of the album. Hallelujah.

Feel Free to use the comments to tell the rest of the world which album covers mesmerized you!

2008 galore!, part 1: Worst Albumcovers of 2008

13 November 2008

So here I am. I’ve been climbing mountains of albums (and still not really reached the top, but just keep that to yourself) and came back with my list of lists. For the next weeks (let’s hope it won’t take too long anymore) I will entertain you with some stupid lists summarizing the musical year 2008.

Let’s first start with the dumbest of them all: the ugliest albumcovers of 2008. I’m not an illustrator, nor am i a guy who is really sensitive about design (after all, i practice the fine art of Paint Art, which is just the lo-fi version of Photoshop). Then again, i don’t release albums into the wild, or at least not charge people for it. I don’t have to care. But the following artists should have:


10. The Ruby Suns – Sea Lions

But inside out sock, why…isn’t this a nicely drawn picture of a kid standing on a bunch of big emeralds? Well, the reason why this made my list, is because it reminds me of Manga. Now, i do have some manga comics i like, but the problem with this cover is that it’s imitation manga, drawn in some Korean sweat shop, where kids were trained exactly one day and then they had to reproduce a 200-edition series of Kandru, the little warrior. His special powers are the things that come out of his body. It surely will scare his enemies. If they don’t die laughing.


9. Noah & The Whale – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down

There once were the seventies. And in those days, they published books with covers just like these. They were called “Igor, the fiddle player and Margarita Sjotlzestinin”. Yep, this reminds me of communist Russia, and though I am a communist (just not a russian one), i just don’t like this one. It’s bitterly disturbing (even to me). There is this banjo player – i know it’s not a fiddle – and his headless girlfriend, and a big comical looking tree in the back. And then some ghost like leggy type. And the colours are those that as a kid i refused to use, because they scared me.


8. Adem – Takes

Again those russian seventies colours. Mix that with geometrical figures (i tend to hate covers that are just a bunch of geometry. I used to have nightmares about squares and perfect circles to attack me. Seriously by the way).  This looks like a ground plan for a parliament, or a theoretical elaboration on the study of colours. The alternative theory.


7. The Sound Of Arrows – Danger EP!

On the 9th day, God decided to come down on a blue lightning which he had stolen from a 80’s record which no one would buy because the cover was too ugly. Everyone ignored the Lord – because of the lightning, that’s for sure – so he started his own hair metal band, and conquered the world again. but behind his back, people kept making fun of him. (Disclaimer: Sound of Arrows is no hair metal, that’s the worst)


6. MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

The big problem with all the covers I’m listing here, is that they all are sort of pretentious without being funny. Now, MGMT is a bit pretentious, but they do have some nice songs (they are not in my big list..not even close), but this album cover – i think it’s the European one, or maybe just not -seems like a bad teenager’s photoshop. The green dots are indeed globes, and there is an angel in there, and the sun. Oh my god, it’s just about hippies. I just don’t get the big piece of fish in the front. (Jesus the fisherman). MAybe it’s christian propaganda.


5. The Shaky Hands – Lunglight

Rohrsach-tests, woohoo! I see a two headed mole, that’s been run over a couple of times and has been bleeding orange blood ferociously (moles indeed have orange blood). What do you guys see? You see a dot of ink that’s been pressed together so it would create a mirror effect? You guys must be nuts.


4. 31 Knots – Worried Well

Puppet shows for adults. That’s what i think of. Does that exist? The puppet version of Fight Club or the godfather? I would like that. And it would be cool if those puppets looked like the one on this cover. But puppets with bleeding noises AND some strange hat.. Now that i take a closer look…is it even a puppet? A very old man that got beaten up, so it would look good for the picture. yikes.


3. Megapuss – Surfing

Devendra Banhart used to be a big hero for me, but he sort of lost track of himself along the way. I’m no longer eager to go out and buy his newest albums (i must admit, i only was up and until Nino Rojo). His sideproject called Megapuss has a really strange album cover. Ok, i must admit it is sort of funny, but just a mere smile funny. Two longhaired guys nakedly attacking each other, and then calling themselves Megapuss and making sure we all know that… it’s just too much.


2. Warmer Milks – Soft Walks

Yep, this is an album cover, and not some weary picture of an ex-girlfriend. Everyone has his fair share of photo’s that make every photographer run out and weep “why, why?”, but again, we don’t use them as album covers. We cherish them at night, when we’re silently weeping underneath our blankets, sobbing “why, why?”. I’m sure this girl looks amazing in real life, but now she just will be known as that stupid picture on a Warmer Milks-cover


1. Islands – Arm’s Way

If there is only one album which cover I really realy really really think is awful, then it’s this one. It’s the motherload of kitsch (and sadfully the music is going that way as well). In-A-Gadda-Vida, seventies progrock, a new age picture of Paradise and its inhabitants. I just don’t know what to think of this, but i do know that it’s the ugliest album cover of 2008.

Win a Mixtape!

10 November 2008

So, here i am again, and i’ll be going fast, cause i’m way too busy. I’m still working on the end-of-year-list (and persist in keep on yappin’ about it), but i was cleaning up my room, and I found three mixtapes. In the meanwhile, i’ve bought a new car radio, so i don’t have any use for the tapes.

So why not giving them away??

If you want a cassette with some indie-music, just let me know at rozebanaan At hotmail and then you add the com. The three most originals mails will win.

Good luck!

Bookworm Wednesday will be no more…

5 November 2008

Sreading-a-book2o, by obliging myself to write about a novel, author or something else literary each wednesday, i’ve been limiting myself. Actually I should be able to write more than once a week about books, and i should be able not to write literature if i don’t feel like it.

The problem i have with this, is that it clearly shows in my stats that no one is interested in books. It could be because of my crappy choices, and my crappy writing about it (I can write, i just don’t try hard enough on this blog. If i’ll ever believe in the benefits of releasing my own literary work – let’s call them stories, that sounds less highbrowed – on the internet, I’ll prove it to you. But first try to start a decent literary career).

But I think it is because people want to get advice in small texts. They Want lists, and lists that make sure they will like the book i’m writing about. They want comparisons, they want graphs proving it’s something up their alley., … I like e.g. browsing through Amazon, to see all the Listmania lists.

Maybe i’ll try something new with this book obsession of mine. Give you a list of all i’m reading (right now, just Borges, Knut Hamsun’s  ‘Hunger’ and Salinger’s  ‘Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters/ Seymour: an Introduction‘) or what I’ve bought this week (too many graphic novels)

Or i could take this book 1001 Books you’ve must read before you die (the Dutch edition) and tell you what i read and if i liked it. But i’m not good in dissecting literature (well, i am a little bit in my head, but i think it’s a waste of time)

Well, anyway, Someone told me I talk too much on my blog, and she’s absolutely right

So let’s end it here. There will be literature in the future, i’m just not sure how. (and it will be just for me if no one reads it)  And for the sake of it, i’ll keep on calling it Bookworm Wednesday, or otherwise i have to make other categories and stuff…and i’m not in the mood for that.

Sway Sway Sway Away: Findlay Brown

5 November 2008

529091196_lWho? Findlay Brown

What? Folk music, that sounds as if it’s made by a seventies singer-songwriter

Sounds like? Tim Buckley, a pinch of Nick Drake, and other guys from that time

I’m gonna keep it short, cause i’m not feeling all too well, but i don’t want to keep this blog not updated. I’m still working hard on my end-of-year-list, but realize that some albums aren’t as good as i had thought…

Next to that, a bit of autumn is slowly sipping in, and the remedy for that is gentle fingerpicked or strummed folk music.

That’s what Findlay Brown is all about. Enjoy this with your teddybear close to you.

Findlay Brown – Separated By The Sea

Findlay Brown – Twin Green Pram

You can buy his album’Separated By The Sea’ on his Myspace (although that seems to link through to the Itunes Store, so where you can buy a physical copy..try amazon or stuff like that i guess)

Stop ignoring women, inside outsock: Rachel Lipson

3 November 2008

Who? Rachel Lipson

What? Antifolk singersongwriter with a sweet voice

Sounds like? Kimya Dawson but sweeter, Laura Gibson, BeatBeat Whisper

I haven’t checked it, but if i let my brain work and run through all the artists i’ve been bloggin about, i miss women. There was miss autopsy, who is not a woman but just calls himself one, and the wind whistles but that’s partially man.

So, Rachel Lipson. She has a website, but that hasn’t been updated in a while, and she has a myspace. more to know? She lives in Brooklyn, has recorded an album with André Herman Düne (who is now known as Stanley Brinks) and her songs are sweet and folky. It reminds me of Kimya Dawson without the hoarse voice. I could hear them cover each other songs, taht’s for sure.

Just very minimalist, but  really beautiful.

I love women. Both songs are from the album Some More Songs… which you can order on her website by sending her some money in a well-sealed envelope (the old-fashioned way)..harder for europeans to get the albums this means…

Rachel Lipson – Pastures

Rachel Lipson – What Won’t Wait For You