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Dear Friends of the Music PR Business

31 January 2011

As you might have noticed, or may not have noticed, this blog is dead. For now. Maybe, I get the feeling i want to promote more music I like somewhere in the future, but for now I just wanna sit down and eat cookies.

That also means you, meaning my dear friends of the Music PR business, no longer have to send me e-mails about how i should listen to the bands you represent. Actually, now that we’re being honest here: it is annoying, cause I always get the feeling I’m part of a sort of PR-factory. Everyday there are at least 5 or 6 e-mails in my inbox from new bands wanting to get famous – why would someone even want that? – and never have i written anything about those bands.

Why not? Because most of them suck. Sorry guys, it’s not because you shout really loud how amazingly good you are at playing guitar, that I’m gonna like it. Besides, I’m a snob. I dig through enough music dirt myself to find the diamonds underneath. In real life, you don’t find 10,000 dollars in your mailbox all of a sudden. It’s the same with Music PR.

Sure, I do realize I have caused this e-mail flood myself. I wrote somewhere that if you want me to listen to your band, that you should e-mail me. Sure. I only didn’t know that would create an whole army of PR-monsters who have no idea what I listen to or most of the time haven’t even visited my blog. They just see its name pop up somewhere and add it, whether they’re representing hip-hop, the new madonna or a freak-out psych pop gay band, to their e-mailrecipients.

The benefits of online marketing are obvious. You can reach a very big audience with just one click, and for the 98 no’s, you get probably one or two bloggers who are willing to listen to your bands. But you have to realise that the 98 others are getting irritated, because thye realize that there is nothing personal about these e-mails. There we are, filling our lives with personal opinions about bands we love, and what do we get in return? A bunch of ┬ástandard e-mails that most of the time pretend to be personal (“Hi Inside Out Sock, we watched your blog and we think you might be interested in this French metal bands) but are actually computergenerated nonsense.

Sorry, dear friends of the Music PR, we are no promotion machines. No, we are people who are passionate about music (and books too in my case), and we don’t want to be part of your great scheme to international success. And sure, there also are small bands that do seem to have checked out your blog and that do seem to know what it’s about, but they remain unnoticed because the “Industry” fucks up this marketing tool for them.

So, I hope you had fun while it lasted. I surely did. But it’s time to leave me alone right now. Better, it is time to leave a lot of bloggers alone. I’ll be replying this text to every PR person mailing me from now on. Maybe it helps us to establish that what you do, is kinda useless. But I guess that’s wishful thinking.

Kind Regards,

The inside out sock.