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May I Murakami You?

21 March 2009

It’s been a while since I’ve written something about books. Not that I have stopped reading – i’m reading quite a lot lately – but i just don’t really know whether it’s useful giving my shallow opinion about books or authors. They are way too valuable to get such stupid blog posts.

Then again, thanks to the post on Jorge Luis Borges, my blog stats keep on being high (as if everyone googling for the Argentinian writer ends up at my blog). And because I just finished the best short story collection ever, even better than my previous favourite ‘Nine Stories’ by J.D Salinger, I just had to say that everyone should go buy ‘Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman’ by Haruki Murakami.

The stories are sometimes distorted from reality, but they are all very truthful to life. In order to achieve that, you must be a good writer.

That’s all i’m gonna say about it. Just buy it, read it, and let me know if it’s your favorite book as well. Maybe I’ll marry you.

The Maypole Dance: Stuart & Caan

21 March 2009

scWho? Stuart And Caan

What? Lo-fi weirdo folk

Sounds like? Devendra Banhart’s album with the long title ‘Oh Me Oh My’, Daniel Johnston, Woods

I discovered Stuart And Caan when i read about them touring with Devendra Banhart. I’m not sure whether this information is correct and franktly don’t really care. Their lo-fi campfire songs are just too good not to listen to. I’ve got a thing for this kind of lo-fi stuff, I must admit. The first album of Devendra Banhart is one of my all-time favourites, and two years ago Woods released my favourite album of 2007 with ‘At Rear House’ (can’t wait for the new one)

Stuart and Caan is a bit mellower at times, but still…it’s got the edge that i always tend to look for. Their album got released on Knw Yr Own records. Great stuff, get over there. This is gonna end up really high on my end of year list for 2009, that’s for sure!

Stuart And Caan – Rosemary

Stuart And Caan – Holy Moment

There is an artist on the loose

14 March 2009

I wrote about my dearest friend Astrid Yskout before. She’s having a new exhibition in the city of Mechelen, in the comic book shop De stripkever. Go there, even if you don’t have the time, cause otherwise you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. You should be leaving already! You have till the 11th of April!

Afterwards, you can buy some great books in the store. Very nice guy running the shop there.


Another Bear Band: Himalayan Bear

14 March 2009

himalayanWho? Himalayan Bear

What? Long orchestral songs with a voice like DM Stith or Department of Eagles

Sounds Like? DM Stith, Department of Eagles, Chris Garneau

I adore all the projects of Casey Mercer (Frog Eyes, Blackout Beach), but before you start running away because you can’t stand his dead grandma-voice: this is not a Casey Mercer project! No, it’s a project of ┬áRyan Beattie who plays the guitar in Frog Eyes and is the lead man in a band called Chet. (Which i don’t know, but will check out in the near future, as in now, while I’m typing this.)

Anyway, Himalayan Bear is sort of this solo project of Ryan Beattie, together with someone from Godspeed!You Black emperor (yes, some guys have just everything). They make really nice, orchestral songs that mostly are longer than 5 minutes . Beattie’s voice reminds me a bit of new hype DM Stith, with this sort of swoon in the timbre (that’s just a hollow phrase of me not knowing how to describe a voice).

So, listen to the songs, then go to Self Righteous Records and buy the album. It’s really late night greatness.

Himalayan Bear – City Wind

Himalayan Bear – Lo, Lonesome Island

P.S Chet sounds pretty good too, maybe a bit dramatic.

Fireplace Songs: Vandaveer

1 March 2009

07_vandaveer_lowresWho? Vandaveer

What? Solid Singer-songwriter stuff

Sounds like: Josh Ritter’s little brother

no. I’m not really in the mood for writing something, but i also don’t want this blog to die. So I’ll just keep this microblogging size. If you need some heartwarming stuff, go listen Vandaveer.

That’s all.

Vandaveer – However Many Takes It Takes

Vandaveer – Marianne You’ve Done It Now

The Album ‘Grace And Speed’ is available on Gipsy Eyes Records.