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Grass Stains: Squanto

27 September 2009

Who? Squanto

What? Lo-fi folk with samples et al.

Sounds Like? Mount Eerie, Tunng

I’m not gonna use a lot of a words on this nice after summer day. Just head over here and download the album.

That’s it.

The Maypole Dance: Stuart & Caan

21 March 2009

scWho? Stuart And Caan

What? Lo-fi weirdo folk

Sounds like? Devendra Banhart’s album with the long title ‘Oh Me Oh My’, Daniel Johnston, Woods

I discovered Stuart And Caan when i read about them touring with Devendra Banhart. I’m not sure whether this information is correct and franktly don’t really care. Their lo-fi campfire songs are just too good not to listen to. I’ve got a thing for this kind of lo-fi stuff, I must admit. The first album of Devendra Banhart is one of my all-time favourites, and two years ago Woods released my favourite album of 2007 with ‘At Rear House’ (can’t wait for the new one)

Stuart and Caan is a bit mellower at times, but still…it’s got the edge that i always tend to look for. Their album got released on Knw Yr Own records. Great stuff, get over there. This is gonna end up really high on my end of year list for 2009, that’s for sure!

Stuart And Caan – Rosemary

Stuart And Caan – Holy Moment

The Monotonous Singer: Adam Lipman

16 February 2009

adam-lipmanWho? Adam Lipman

What? Monotonous songs that are haunting

Sounds like? Mt. Eerie, Adrian Orange, Thanksgiving, The Microphones, and other lo-fi stuff

So i’m a bit slacking with my blog, mostly because i’m sometimes occupied with this other blog i’m doing (in Dutch, so not for everyone reading here). That’s why i think this kind of good dull sounding guy should be on my blog waking me up.

Adam Lipman sounds like the brother of Thanksgiving (aka Adrian Orange). He has released a wonderful album a few years ago called Feathered Palm Trees, and then seemed to be dead for a while. But now he’s back with two EP’s on Dustwind Tales, which i haven’t heard yet, but they must be great. Cause it’ s Adam Lipman! And There should also be a full album release this month on the legendary lo-fi label Shrimper Records (once home to The Mountain Goats and Daniel Johnston), but there isn’t much information about that. The legendary label seems to have no legendary site.

Anyway. Listen to this. And then order the limited EP’s on Dustwind Tales.

His other album is not available anymore i think. Both Songs here are from that album.

Adam Lipman – Feathered Palm Trees

Adam Lipman – Down In Yon Forest

What’s All the fuzz? : Nice Face

22 January 2009

nicefaceWho? Nice Face

What? A small guy with a lot of noisy lo-fi fuzzy ..rock songs?

Sounds like? Wavves, No Age, Times new Viking, but also Iggy & The Stooges


let’s make some. With Nice face, something of which i have no recollection of how i got to know it. I remember ending up at a MySpace, seeing “free album download” and me thinking “Can I Fuck It”.. funny title. (Which it isn’t). He’s also friends with Blank Dogs, the gothic lo-fi pop guy.

So, i found something to satisfy my noisy needs (that only emerged in 2008, really crazy). Anyway, i like the new noise movement, and this can be certainly part of that. It’s perhaps more rock-‘n-roll (more iggy pop like actually), but still poppy and loud at the same time. And it’s free.You can find two links on his myspace, so i’m not offering this against his will. To Download the ”Can I Fuck It’-cassette, go here. And for another 12-inch, go here.

And as a preview, these two songs from Can I Fuck It. (so many dirty words in one blog post, hooray)

Nice Face –  Thin Skin

Nice Face – Way It’s Gotta Be

He’s also releasing records on Sacred Bone Records, Jerkwave Tapes and HoZac Records. Go There to Satisfy your needs.

The Wondering warm Wonders: The Sarcastic Dharma Society

18 January 2009

sarcasticWho? The Sarcastic Dharma Society

What? Soothing bedroom pop

Sounds like? Mt. Eerie and the lo-fi pop family, Jacob Borshard, etc.

Don’t we all like covers? I do at least, and i’m always on the lookout for covers of songs I like. I’m not gonna write an essay about covers, but if you look for some very nice interpretations of indie songs by Bright Eyes and Clem Snide, you have to listen to the covers album by The Sarcastic Dharma Society called ‘Other’s People Songs’.

The Sarcastic Dharma Society is a member of the Collective Family,  a sort of netlabel which brings together great – mostly lo-fi – artists like Grampall Jookabox, Lonesome Architects, Secret Owl Society, Super Famicom and Tinyfolk. You can read it: the artists taht will be big in 5 years from now (so get to know them before the hype). It’s at least a site where you can wander around for at least 3 days in a row and discovering 20 bands you like (that’s more than you will do by listening 3 straight days to your national radio channel).

The Sarcastic Dharma Society is at least a really really nice sounding lo-fi pop thing. Gems they are called i think

The Sarcastic Dharma Society – Our House (Crossby, Stills, Nash & Young Cover)

The Sarcastic Dharma Society – Bad Bad Things (Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)

You can listen and download the complete album here. Don’t forget to check out his other release!

Nothing is impossible if You work for the circus: Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire

7 January 2009

ballofflameWho? Ball of Flame Shoot Fire

What? Traveling circus Indie

Sounds like?The bastard child of Animal Collective and Man Man

New Year, and my first real post. Well, 2009 is gonna be more blogposts, that are shorter (i really am gonna try to let the music speak. I wish i had the guts to offer you real full albums, but I haven’t, so just 2 mp3’s). And how to start the year better with a band that I didn’t know two weeks ago, but have already stolen my heart at the moment.

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire have released two albums, of which ‘Jokeland’ is the sophomore. The only one I listened this far. It’s a mix of indie music the way Boat makes it, the bombastic gipsy kind of music of Man Man and the Psychedelic sounds of Animal collective. Now that the latter has released their masterwork, it’s only gonna go downhill. You better start listening to these guys now. Seriously.

You can buy their album at Cd Baby.

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire – Mugs

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire – Ploopitie

Travelin’ round in a cruel indieworld: Paleo

28 October 2008

Who? Paleo aka David Andrew Strackany

What? 365 songs in a year’s time, with a great mind of honesty

Sounds Like? A mixture of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Bob Dylan & other indie-fucking-greatness like Ezra Furman & the Harpoons, Frog Eyes (acoustic version), The Robot Ate Me, Peter and the wolf, ..

Paleo was a man with a plan. On the 16th April 2006 he started with his 365 days project. While touring in the US, he forced himself to record a song EACH day, with at the end of each week a song called Sunday Prayer (which according to his website, he still is recording eveyr week).

The best part? All these songs are available to download for free. You can also order them on a mp3-cd (like I did, really nice card you get with it by the way, and a sampler of some songs). I must admit that i haven’t listened to nearly a 10th of all the songs, just because it’s so much. But every time i hear some songs, i really get all psyched by the high quality.

Before this project, Paleo also released an amazing album called Misery, Missouri which is out of print. If i’d be a record lable, i’d rerelease it immediately, but unfortunately i’m not. I eventually found it on Soulseek or Torrents, and it’s really worth downloading. More produced, with amazingly good songs. The song Ninety Two is of this album. The other links are from his 365 Days project. Can’t Wait to hear another of his studio albums. By the way, he is now member of These United States, an amazing indie folk band. Check Them out! (or wait for my 2008-list? 😉 )

Paleo – 19 Ninety Two

Paleo – Boring Together

Paleo – The Best Years Of My Life

Paleo – Hide And Seek A Bottle Of American Red

You can listen to all his songs (and download them) on his website.

Wind-up Birds and Cuckoo Dolls: Birdengine

16 September 2008

Who? Birdengine

What? Instrumental sparse beautiness, field recordings folk

Sounds Like? Yann Tiersen (at least the one song i’m posting), Vincent Gallo miniature soundscapes

One of the greatest cd’s of all times is “Recordings of Music For Film” by the quite egocentric asshole Vincent Gallo. There is nothing wrong with being an asshole, but because I do believe Gallo could sue anyone that dares to post one of his songs, i’ll just be the chicken and go for an unknown alternative.

To be honest: I’ve only got one small EP by Birdengine. An ep he recorded for the Minerals Series of Benbecula Records. But there are at least 3 wonderful songs on this little jewel, so that i just think this guy is worth knowing about. One is ‘Faster little man’, which sounds as a song that didn’t make the Amelie Poulain-soundtrack, whereas ‘Too Late’ is a melancholic Gipsy-balkan sadness.

Birdengine – Faster Little Man

Birdengine – Too Late

The man has released a full album at Drift Records. Probably gonna buy it soon or put it on the ever longer getting wishlist. If someone has the album, let me know if it’s as great as these two songs!  (his MySpace surely has some great songs, and I love it when he sings!)

Belgian Couple Attacked By A Bear, but he just wanted to sing songs: Black Bear

9 September 2008

Who? Black Bear

What? Synthesizer indie lo-fi

Sounds like? Casiotone For The Painfully alone

Let’s start with a game: name as many bands with the word bear in it as you can. I’ll start: Grizzly Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bearsuit, Himalayan Bear, Panda Bear, Quiet Bears, Volcano The Bear and Seabear. And i’m probably forgetting some. Anyway, lame introduction to today’s band: Black Bear.

Don’t know where i found out about this guy, but it was a very good find, especially for a lo-fi freak as i am (sometimes). With a quite distinctive voice and cool synth melodies and beats. He sounds like a happier version of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at times, although he also is just a tiny bit of Sunset Rubdown.

But, as i’ve said already many times before: music tells more than all the rubbish i’m typing trying to describe it.

Black Bear – Flicker Wings

Black Bear –  I Believe in Immediacy

You should all go to Baskerville Records and buy the album. And spam the guy on his MySpace to ask when there will be a second album. (his best song by the way is “Black Bear” which can be listened to on his myspace, which is the reason why i’m not posting it here)

Wir sind stolze Deutscher!: Harald Sack Ziegler

28 August 2008

Who? Harald Sack Ziegler

What? Lo-fi crazy pop in German

Sounds Like? a German with too much time

I must warn you: this is probably something most people won’t like. First of all, it’s in German (You mean, that Nazi language? Damn!) and secondly it’s quite freaky at times (although the really freaky stuff in my music collection will be reserved for later, you can already look forward to that)

I’m going to Berlin tomorrow and Saturday (so already can’t keep my promise of a daily update), and thought a German artist would be well in place. I used to study German (and yes, it sucks as hard as my English does..), even graduated in it. I’m quite fond of the language of Goethe and can’t wait hearing it again.

Harald Sack Ziegler normally makes electronic music (with Sack & Blumm and in collaborations with Mouse on Mars), but on his album ‘Punkt’ (a compilation of old cassette recordings he made) he really is the typical lo-fi hero: making songs in his bedroom which are witty (well, for the people who don’t speak german: they are) and a bit childish.  If there’s one genre (if you can call it a genre that is) that defines me in my music listening habits, then it’s lofi. So this really cheers me up, and the song ‘aquarium’ is in my top 20 of funniest songs (not that i really have such a list, but it would be if such list were to exist).. I had a really hard time choosing which songs i would upload (cause he’s got quite a lot of good ones), so this time i’ve uploaded 3 songs… but this is an exception (and you all go out & buy his album, do you hear me?)

Harald Sack Ziegler – Aquarium

Harald Sack Ziegler – Meine Oma

Harald Sack Ziegler – Sterntaler

You can buy his album at his label Staubgold, Boomkat, and other music selling sites.