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The Trade Machine: Portrait of David

2 November 2009

1275531752_lWho? Portrait of David

What? Melancholic Slowcore

Sounds like? Low, Spain, The White Birch

So, I started this way too confusing attempt to trade all my unwanted cds that keep piling up in my room for ones that are more suited to my taste, and I had no reponse this far. Logically, cause it’s way too confusing. And the list is too long.

So i decided to just introduce all these bands on my blog, so that if you listen to this, and think “Wowww, i like this!”, you can perhaps dig in your own pile of unwanted stuff (books, cd’s, dvds), and offer me something in return. And, as said before, I don’t need one on one trading. You can have two (or even three!) things of my list, for just one thing in return. Not that I accept everything, but I’m a very willing guy.

Anyway, first album featured here is Portrait of David – These days are hard to ignore. A typical slowcoustic album from Ola Flottum, who is also part of the band the White Birch, which is perhaps more known to some of you guys.

I’ve never been too much a fan of slow stuff like this, but if you are, it’s highly recommended, cause it’s undoubtedly good. As you can check for yourself with these mp3’s. If you like this, you could perhaps trade it together with Savoy Grand or Ida, which is the same genre.

If you’re not really eager to trade stuff, just enjoy the songs then!

Portrait of David – Beautiful flimsy Kite

Portrait of David – Nine-Day Wonders

I’ll try to write about bands I do like later this week.


PS: latest additions to the Trade list

Retribution Gospel Choir (sideproject of Low)

Radar Bros – The Fallen Leaf Pages

Sarandon – Kill Twee Pop

Von Spar – A. XAXAPOYA

Tortoise – It’s All Around You

Ida – Lover’s Prayer (promo)

Savoy Grand – People And What They Want


An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine, The List

11 October 2009

Below you’ll find the list of everything that I want to get out of my house as soon as possible. You can Find the rules about how I am trying to do that here.

I know this is just a list, so over the next days (or weeks), I’ll try to go into further detail and provide you with mp3s and youtube links of the artist. That way, you might get to know some new stuff you like and have the album immediately there for you. You just need something that I want to trade with. Woohoo, this is fun!


  • Isobell Campbell – Milkwhite Sheets
  • Pokett – Crumble
  • Portrait Of David – These Days are Hard To Ignore
  • Anni rossi – Afton
  • Nicolas Bernier – Jacques Poulin-Denis – Sur Fond Blanc
  • Mario Massullo & Andrea Gabriele – Les Couleurs Ne Meuvent Pas
  • Sarandon – Kill Twee Pop!
  • Rose Kemp – Unholy Majesty
  • John Callaghan – It Might Never Happen
  • Holopaw -Quit or Fight
  • The Innocence Mission – Befriended
  • Nina Kinert – Pets & Friends
  • Jasmina Maschina – The Demolition Series
  • Audiotransparent – (Minicd)
  • Sparklehorse – Good Morning Spider
  • An Pierlé – Mud Stories
  • David Gray – White Ladder
  • Jimi Hendrix – Axis: Bold As Love
  • Calla – Strenght in Numbers
  • Badly Drawn Boy -About A Boy
  • Badly Drawn Boy – Have You Fed The Fish
  • Whiskeytown – Pneumonia
  • Nona Mez – Cast In Concrete
  • Boy Omega – I Name You Isolation
  • Thomas Truax – Full Moon over WowTown
  • Tracker – Blankets OST
  • Swell – For All The Beautiful People
  • For Stars – We Are All Beautiful People
  • Papa Roach – Infest
  • Love Wollberg – Restless Farewell
  • Chris Brokaw – I was Born, but .. OST
  • Lawn – Silver
  • Panther – 14KT God
  • Dan Bern – Fifty Eggs
  • Lowgold – Welcome To Winners
  • Stearica – Oltre
  • The Meices – Tastes Like chicken
  • The Mendoza Line – Fortune
  • Shipping News – Three-four
  • Now It’s Overhead – Fall Back Open
  • Son, Ambulance – Key
  • Tobin Sprout – Live at The Horseshoe Tavern
  • Blind Melon – Soup
  • Dan Bern – Fleeting Days
  • Loud Lucy – Breathe
  • Silver Jews – Tanglewood Numbers
  • The River Curls Around Town – More Than A Break
  • Thalia Zedek – Trust not Those In Whom Without Some Touch Of Madness
  • Six Organs of Admittance – Shelter From The Ash
  • Tortoise – It’s all Around You
  • Von Spar – A. Xaxapoya
  • Radar Bros – The fallen Leaf pages
  • Retribution Gospel Choir – S/T
  • Savoy Grand – People And what They Want

226941-xsA picture of Santa with a List, just so you can have a break.


(remark: they mostly don’t have a jewel case, but are in this flat cardboard box thing. Some of them are cd-r)

– Wheat – Everyday I Said a Prayer For Kathy & Made A One Inch Square
– Katamine – Stories go First
– Holy Ghost Revival – Twilight Exit
– Cache – Monochrome
– Dirty Three – Cinder
– The Decemberists – Oh Valencia (Singletje, one song)
– Son Ambulance – Someone Else’s Deja Vu (back cover slightly damaged)
– Hubbub – Four Songs
– Soccer Committee & Machinefabriek – Drawn (Cd-r)
– Annelies Monseré – Somewhere Someone (Cd-r)
– Annelies Monseré & Jessica Bailiff – (No title, 4 songs)
– Essie Jain – We Made This Ourselves
– Essie Jain – The Inbetween
– People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz – Rhapsody In Glue (Cd-r)
– Greg Weeks – The Hive
– Wildbirds & Peacedrums – Heartcore
– Ida – Lovers prayers

An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine!!: Introduction & The Rules

11 October 2009

I have been planning to use this blog a bit for my own benefit (and a lot for yours). How? I have cleaned out my cd-collection and came up with quite a lot of albums that need to get out of my house as soon as possible. I also have a box of cds that i still need to listen, to see if they have to get out of here. So the list is growing as we speak. (Just decided to get rid of ‘Tanglewood Numbers’ by Silver Jews e.g)

I am however not interested in your money, for various reasons. I get a lot of these cds for free because I write reviews. It’s not fair gaining money, just because i think a cd sucks. Next to that, I know i’d use the money just to buy new cd’s (or books), so.. why would i do that? Giving away for free, leaving me with a lot of delivery costs, is not really my favourite solution.


So i came up with An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine. I’m gonna trade my cds like I trade my unwanted books. but because there are no good cd-swaps sites on an international level, I’ll have to organize it myself.

I’m gonna make it interesting for you, my reader.  Cause you can trade your stuff through my site as well. I’m not really sure how I am gonna manage to do that, but i’ll figure it out. First see how the response is off course.

Okay, here are the rules

  1. In my list (see my next post on the blog), you’ll see a difference between regular Cd’s and Promo copies. I’ll trade 2 regular cd’s against 1 cd or book that I desire. So how will that work?  You say “I’d like to have “Tanglewood Numbers” by Silver Jews and “Infest” By Papa Roach”. You’ll give me a list of things that you are willing to get rid of. If there’s a cd or a book on that list that I like, I say: “allright, send me that one. And I’ll send you those two you want.” It’s as simple as that.
  2. If you have 3 promotional cd’s, that’s worth 1 cd or Book. So, you take three promotional cd’s from me, you’ll give me one item in return.
  3. if you want a combination of promotional cd’s & regular things? 1 regular cd + 2 promos = 1 item in return. 1 promo + 2 regular cds = 1 item in return.
  4. damn, this is complicated
  5. I have also a box of Gonzo’s Mind The Gap ‘Compilation’-cd’s. You get four if you give me one thing in return. great experimental stuff most of the time. I’m not really eager to type all tracklists, so I’ll send four random ones
  6. Most cds are in mint condition.
  7. if you have items that you want to get rid of yourself, you can send me the list, and I’ll just add them to my list. If someone’s interested in your stuff, i’ll give you eachother’s contact information. Of some sort.

Well, if I’m forgetting something, I’ll notice soon enough I guess.

Edit: if you want to trade something, leave a comment or mail me at tOMBLExxxxweed at telexxxnet dot be (without the dots, capitals and x’s. You’ll figure it out)

Now, my next post: The List

arrows1The concept of trading summarized in a Google Image Image.