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Grass Stains: Squanto

27 September 2009

Who? Squanto

What? Lo-fi folk with samples et al.

Sounds Like? Mount Eerie, Tunng

I’m not gonna use a lot of a words on this nice after summer day. Just head over here and download the album.

That’s it.


Birds with hats on: Aviary Ghost

26 April 2009

aviaryWho? Aviary Ghost

What? Melodic folkpop

Sounds like? Belle & Sebastian, All things Swedish, Jens Lekman with less emphasis on the catchiness. Something with falsettos.

So, I’m not dead. Because i want to treat you on a lot of good new music i’ve discovered over the last couple of weeks and months, i’ll keep my texts short.

The first band is Aviary Ghost, a 5-piece from Chicago, who make lushly arranged pop songs. Their songs are very whistable (if that’s a word.. meaning you could listen and whistle to them). And the cool thing is that their album is free. You do have to sign up for their monthly news letter, but since you do want to know what this band is up to, that’s not even a burden. I really recommend you doing so, cause this is actually something that should be loved by the indie crowd en masse.

Aviary Ghost – Somewhere Else

Aviary Ghost – The Brain is a House

You can find the download instructions on their website

My little Hippie brother: Megafaun

7 February 2009

1436656257_lWho? Megafaun

What? The Little brothers of Akron/Family. Hippie Psych Folk music

Sounds Like? Akron/Family, Best Of Seth, Fire On Fire and all those other shalalala bands

Guys who have been following Stereogum for a while have seen this already pass in their Bands to watch-list. But i assume none of you do, so let’s get you familiar with this great psych. folk band.

Megafaun consists of 3 people, of which 2 are called Cook, which makes me believe they are related (unless it’s not their last name, but their everyday job). (but then they could better call their band 2 cooks and another guy). Anyway, they make great long songs, on which you can get naturally high. They’ve release some of these songs on their EP ‘Bury The Square’, which you can probably order by asking them (there’s an e-mailadres on their MySpace.) or through their label Table Of The Elements/Radium.

Do so!

Megafaun – Find  Your Mark

Megafaun – Where We Belong

The Dance of the changing Bandnames: Cotton Jones

1 February 2009

l_5f7112abcac347ee8f6828312be7a22fWho? Cotton Jones, from the previous Cotton Jones Basket Ride, formerly known as Page France

What? Sixties induced folk

Sounds like? The Doors in a folkmood, eh…he reminds me of the M. Ward  sound sometimes (very warm)

I usually not blog about bands who are bit more known, just because i don’t see any use in doing what every blog does. Then again, Page France is maybe not that well known, and his current project Cotton Jones not at all. I think the band name change (the last album was from Cotton Jones Basket Ride) has something to do with that.

That being sad, his newest album ‘Paranoid Cocoon’ is an amazingly warm-sounding folk album. Michel Nau’s sound has evolved from a sort of Death Cab for Cutie-like sound to a more folk-oriented approach. I’ll add one song of the new album, which reminds me of the Doors. And also a song of Page France, which is as warm as well.

Cotton Jones -Up A Tree (Went This Heart I Have)

Page France – Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear

You can order his new album through Paypal (go to his myspace) or his label Suicide Squeeze (although the flash-pages on that site didn’t seem to work with me. So i just assume they have it) . Also take a look at Quite Scientific, who ahs released albums as well.

In a Honky Tonky Stinkin’ Town: The Extraordinaires

20 January 2009

extraordWho? The Extraordinaires

What? Funny songs with this little taste of twang and punk, and powerpop…quite some variation actually

Sounds like? Bob dylan when he pretends to be funny, The Oh Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack when it were to be a slapstick, acoustic Man Man. The Arsonist sounds as Pedro The Lion.

I’m in a bit of a hyper mood, so let’s post something that’s a bit hyper. Also because yesterday was the most depressing day of the year statistically. Some cheering up to do! Not that it’s Blood Brothers or Man Man-hyper. No this is just acoustic, but it’s quite uptempo and funky.

Franktly, I don’t know a thing about this band. Don’t even know if they still keep on recording stuff. It was in my recommendations, so I decided to give them a try. IT’s a bit of bluegrassy-like acoustic punky pop.  You can listen to some of their songs at their site. Really do so, cause songs are really varied.

Their albums are only available as a digital download through their myspace.  Both Songs are from their ’06 album Short Songs. Listen carefully to the lyrics of Hi-five the Cactus! There is a wise lesson there to learn.

The Extraordinaires – The Arsonist

The Extraordinaires –  Hi-Five the Cactus

Nothing is impossible if You work for the circus: Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire

7 January 2009

ballofflameWho? Ball of Flame Shoot Fire

What? Traveling circus Indie

Sounds like?The bastard child of Animal Collective and Man Man

New Year, and my first real post. Well, 2009 is gonna be more blogposts, that are shorter (i really am gonna try to let the music speak. I wish i had the guts to offer you real full albums, but I haven’t, so just 2 mp3’s). And how to start the year better with a band that I didn’t know two weeks ago, but have already stolen my heart at the moment.

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire have released two albums, of which ‘Jokeland’ is the sophomore. The only one I listened this far. It’s a mix of indie music the way Boat makes it, the bombastic gipsy kind of music of Man Man and the Psychedelic sounds of Animal collective. Now that the latter has released their masterwork, it’s only gonna go downhill. You better start listening to these guys now. Seriously.

You can buy their album at Cd Baby.

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire – Mugs

Ball Of Flame Shoot Fire – Ploopitie

What Happened to the poetry?: Havergal

24 October 2008

Who? Havergal

What? slacker folk with dots of elektronica

Sounds like? slowed down Postal Service sung by some pavement-fan, The prenatal Birth of Why?

There once was a time, that there was a guy, that was called Havergal by many people in many nations. Havergal was a musician, who made music for the sad lonely indie kid who enjoyed his folk with a bit of modern electronics. He sang as if he didn’t really care. Both songs down here are from his masterpiece ‘Lungs For The RAce’.

I really wonder what happened with him. I want him back.

Havergal – Lungs For The RAce

Havergal – Hey

You can find his albums at Secretly Canadian.

If anyone can tell me what the guy is doing right now (musically i mean), just let me know!