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What’s All the fuzz? : Nice Face

22 January 2009

nicefaceWho? Nice Face

What? A small guy with a lot of noisy lo-fi fuzzy ..rock songs?

Sounds like? Wavves, No Age, Times new Viking, but also Iggy & The Stooges


let’s make some. With Nice face, something of which i have no recollection of how i got to know it. I remember ending up at a MySpace, seeing “free album download” and me thinking “Can I Fuck It”.. funny title. (Which it isn’t). He’s also friends with Blank Dogs, the gothic lo-fi pop guy.

So, i found something to satisfy my noisy needs (that only emerged in 2008, really crazy). Anyway, i like the new noise movement, and this can be certainly part of that. It’s perhaps more rock-‘n-roll (more iggy pop like actually), but still poppy and loud at the same time. And it’s free.You can find two links on his myspace, so i’m not offering this against his will. To Download the ”Can I Fuck It’-cassette, go here. And for another 12-inch, go here.

And as a preview, these two songs from Can I Fuck It. (so many dirty words in one blog post, hooray)

Nice Face –  Thin Skin

Nice Face – Way It’s Gotta Be

He’s also releasing records on Sacred Bone Records, Jerkwave Tapes and HoZac Records. Go There to Satisfy your needs.

Can’t download files?

20 January 2009

I’m not sure, but according to Fileden my bandwith for this month is all gone, well, not this month, cause normally it will be reset today or tomorrow. So if you aren’t able to download songs I put on FileDen, try again tomorrow!

If someone can give me advise on a site where i can put songs on without bandwith limits, let me know in the comments (but i also must be a bit in control of the mp3’s, for when an artist wants his songs to be removed)

So, listen along!

In a Honky Tonky Stinkin’ Town: The Extraordinaires

20 January 2009

extraordWho? The Extraordinaires

What? Funny songs with this little taste of twang and punk, and powerpop…quite some variation actually

Sounds like? Bob dylan when he pretends to be funny, The Oh Brother Where Art Thou Soundtrack when it were to be a slapstick, acoustic Man Man. The Arsonist sounds as Pedro The Lion.

I’m in a bit of a hyper mood, so let’s post something that’s a bit hyper. Also because yesterday was the most depressing day of the year statistically. Some cheering up to do! Not that it’s Blood Brothers or Man Man-hyper. No this is just acoustic, but it’s quite uptempo and funky.

Franktly, I don’t know a thing about this band. Don’t even know if they still keep on recording stuff. It was in my recommendations, so I decided to give them a try. IT’s a bit of bluegrassy-like acoustic punky pop.  You can listen to some of their songs at their site. Really do so, cause songs are really varied.

Their albums are only available as a digital download through their myspace.  Both Songs are from their ’06 album Short Songs. Listen carefully to the lyrics of Hi-five the Cactus! There is a wise lesson there to learn.

The Extraordinaires – The Arsonist

The Extraordinaires –  Hi-Five the Cactus

The Wondering warm Wonders: The Sarcastic Dharma Society

18 January 2009

sarcasticWho? The Sarcastic Dharma Society

What? Soothing bedroom pop

Sounds like? Mt. Eerie and the lo-fi pop family, Jacob Borshard, etc.

Don’t we all like covers? I do at least, and i’m always on the lookout for covers of songs I like. I’m not gonna write an essay about covers, but if you look for some very nice interpretations of indie songs by Bright Eyes and Clem Snide, you have to listen to the covers album by The Sarcastic Dharma Society called ‘Other’s People Songs’.

The Sarcastic Dharma Society is a member of the Collective Family,  a sort of netlabel which brings together great – mostly lo-fi – artists like Grampall Jookabox, Lonesome Architects, Secret Owl Society, Super Famicom and Tinyfolk. You can read it: the artists taht will be big in 5 years from now (so get to know them before the hype). It’s at least a site where you can wander around for at least 3 days in a row and discovering 20 bands you like (that’s more than you will do by listening 3 straight days to your national radio channel).

The Sarcastic Dharma Society is at least a really really nice sounding lo-fi pop thing. Gems they are called i think

The Sarcastic Dharma Society – Our House (Crossby, Stills, Nash & Young Cover)

The Sarcastic Dharma Society – Bad Bad Things (Andrew Jackson Jihad Cover)

You can listen and download the complete album here. Don’t forget to check out his other release!

You killed Your Brother-folk: Thinguma*jigsaw

13 January 2009

thingumaWho? Thinguma*Jigsaw

What? Scary Eerie Splatter Folk

Sounds like? You tell me. Scott Walker, the easy listening version? Or the folk of Current 93..

So, I mostly don’t have a straightforward plan about which band i’ll blog next (i’ll just look in my mediaplayer and pick the first one i see that not many people know). So today i’ll talk about a band who is recording a new album, though there isn’t any date fixed for that. Thinguma*jigsaw is a duo that makes haunted folk, which you don’t listen to when walking home alone with your iPöd on your head. It’s scary, deserted. It’s got its roots in traditional folk, with a lot of ethnic instruments (as far as i know). Haunting.


You can buy the album at Deserted Village, their label

Thinguma*Jigsaw – Burden of Genius ( For P. Condon)

Thinguma*Jigsaw –  Jumping Jack Flesh

New M. Ward

13 January 2009

Just a short one (i’ll post something more later tonight), but i need to share this

One of my favourite artists ever is M. ward. He’ll release a new album in February, and you can listen to it here. Damn it’s great.


Can we do a slow dance?: French Quarter

9 January 2009

frenchquarterWho? French Quarter

What? Quietly amazingly nice folk songs.

Sounds like? Mt. eerie with less of the experiment. (rubbish comparison, i know)

Wow, 2009 is gonna be great. All those unknown bands I know (this is a joke) are releasing another album that probably no one will ever hear about. Take French Quarter e.g. Great folky songs, that are really beautiful, but no one in Europe has heard of him. (them?). Anyway, they’re releasing a new album in January. Well the singer is..and he has used not the name French Quarter, but the name Stephen Steinbrink. So look out for an album with that artist name ‘Ugly Unknowns’ it’s called.

To prove how great they are, 2 songs from their previous album.

French Quarter – In June

French Quarter – For Andy

You can pre-order their album on their myspace or through Gilgongo Records. Don’t forget to do so.