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don’t know if the end of the year isn’t too close

28 December 2009

I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow. an internetless week (and happy to be having one). But I’m pretty sure that means I won’t be able to finish my list before the end of 2009. I still have to pack and stuff… If I have some time left tomorrow, I’ll maybe manage.

But i don’t think so.

On a Sidenote

21 December 2009

Fuck Fileden.

as you will see, some of the mp3’s on my Young Talents List are uploaded on Fileden, others on Mediafire. That’s because ****** Fileden is one of the lousiest sites out there. I’m going looking for alternatives with Direct Linking (Cause Mediafire lacks that unfortunate), maybe something I pay a small amount for. Stupid Internet.

To know why my opinion on Fileden is so awful: it took me 3 hours to upload 3 songs. In 21st century gigabith Ethernet flip flap that’s just not enough.

Writing about music

20 May 2009

Actually, i hate writing about music. Frequent visitors of this blog, if there are any, have probably noticed that. I most of the time just shoo people to the mp3-links instead of them reading the pointless texts i produce. Then again, just mp3-link with nothing else, is not the way to have a blog either.

So, i’m having a difficult situation here.  I want to keep this blog up and kickin’,  but the idea that i should be writing a bunch of nonsense about one of my favorite bands, kind of annoys me. Then i just don’t feel like starting to write again. I should find a different format to keep this blog running. Maybe draw a picture to accompany every MP3, although i can’t draw that well.

There is this one blog (i can’t remember how it’s called, and I am too lazy to look it up) which just puts up some piece of art and adds an complimentary mp3 to it.  So i can’t do that either (cause that would be lame). I could write a story each time i want to give you a song, but although writing stories is something i constantly do, i think those kind of stories could be completely out of context. And that would be kind of stupid too, right? Maybe i can write letters to the artists i want to discuss. I like writing letters. But i’m afraid that could end up in a sort of lame self-indulgance where i just show of with my inadequate knowledge of the English language.

If you have any suggestions on which direction this blog should take, or if you just wanna shout: “stop whining”, please do so. I’ll try posting some more music in the meanwhile.

(Never knew a blog could’ve been so energy-consuming.)


23 April 2009

So, after an almost 3-week hiatus, because of an arm fracture, i’m back. I’ll try to give you lots of music this weekend, and perhaps also some new book posts (cause i’ve been reading like a monkey with a literary degree the past two weeks).

Keep visiting!


5 April 2009

due to injury, i can’t type very long texts now…so this blog is not dead, it’s just injured…

There is an artist on the loose

14 March 2009

I wrote about my dearest friend Astrid Yskout before. She’s having a new exhibition in the city of Mechelen, in the comic book shop De stripkever. Go there, even if you don’t have the time, cause otherwise you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. You should be leaving already! You have till the 11th of April!

Afterwards, you can buy some great books in the store. Very nice guy running the shop there.


daMusic, The Next Generation!

1 December 2008


(For all the English readers, this is a post about the great Belgian online musiczine daMusic, for which i write sometimes. You won’t understand a word of what is being said, there, but you can take a look and look at all the shiny colours!)

Voor de Nederlandstaligen onder ons: websites zijn als sokken. Na een tijdje komen er gaten in, en dan moet je er nieuwe kopen. Sokken die bovendien 10 x beter zitten dan de oude. Dat is zowat het verhaal achter de nieuwe daMusic, in dwaze metaforen uitgelegd dan.

In elk geval ziet de nieuwe daMusic-site er flitsender uit dan eender welke andere Nederlandstalige muzieksite, en is hij wel 100 x zo leuk. HEt is als ‘n speeltuin met glijbanen zoals je die nergens anders tegenkomt!..

Verdieping, verbreding, verruiming. daMusic is niet web 2.0, niet 3.0, maar 4.0. De toekomst is nu!

enfin, veel lofzang, maar ik ben dan erg blij met deze metamorfose. Wat ziet hij er toch mooi uit. Allemaal ‘n kijkje gaan nemen dus!

so we are all eagerly waitin’…

29 November 2008

for the sequel. I’ll try to write it tomorrow. But it takes a lot of time, which i don’t ahve at the moment, cause i’ve got to finish 16 reviews by Monday.

16, yes.

Only myself to blame!

But keep coming back to here, the bands from 40 to 31 will appear here at least before Tuesday.

Win a Mixtape!

10 November 2008

So, here i am again, and i’ll be going fast, cause i’m way too busy. I’m still working on the end-of-year-list (and persist in keep on yappin’ about it), but i was cleaning up my room, and I found three mixtapes. In the meanwhile, i’ve bought a new car radio, so i don’t have any use for the tapes.

So why not giving them away??

If you want a cassette with some indie-music, just let me know at rozebanaan At hotmail and then you add the com. The three most originals mails will win.

Good luck!

Music Managers, aaaargh

30 October 2008

With a big mp3-collection, it’s necessary that you have a good music library that gives an easy overview of all your songs. I use Ejay Virtual Music Manager 2007 (which is actually Helium 2007).

And today it crashed … AGAIN. It crashes all the time, there are no updates to be found, it’s full of bugs… but if it works it’s a great program..

I would like to use winamp, but that keeps crashing too (no idea why, i even uninstalled and re-installed).

Itunes? Neih, i don’t like it.

Windows Media Player is the worst however, completely impossible to navigate through when you’re having quite a number of songs. So i’ll just reload Ejay again.

waiting for the next crash …