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Eternal winters: Frontier Ruckus

19 October 2009

l_f4ec1bafbea3487aa949a8a220096625Who? Frontier Ruckus

What? snowed country town melancholy, the farmers are locked in their barns, and they just have their banjos.

Sounds like? Timesbold, Whip, Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy

Winter is to be seen at the horizon. If you don’t watch out, it’ll catch you. I heard from a friend that it was snowing in the United States. This seems like the beginning of an eternal winter. Luckily there is Frontier Ruckus.

It keeps you warm, evne if it’s sad. It’s something you should drink during heavy snow storms, while you’re thinking you can never get out of this. that nature finally has shown you that it’s stronger.

I’m not posting any songs from their album The orion Songbook. No, i’m just posting the demos that are freely available on their websites. Just the demos are amazing already. You can perhaps imagine how the album is. If so, go buy it here or here

Frontier Ruckus – Animals need Animals (demo version)

Frontier Ruckus – Ephiphanies & Revelations (demo Version)

You find a lot more demo songs here.

PS: still no reactions on my trade list plan. I guess it’s too complicated. (or should i tag them all?)

Brotherly Love: Day Action Band

26 April 2009

dayactionWho? Day Action Band

What? Folky songs, that you can whistle to!

Sounds like? Lou Barlow, Sebadoh…actually all lou barlow stuff, except the loud things. I read Jim O’rourke as a reference, and that’s something i can agree with for a bit.

So, Aviary Ghost played folk songs. So does Day Action Band, but they don’t fill their songs with rich arrangements.

Aviary Ghost offered an album for free, but you had to sign up to their newsletter. Day Action band follows the same procedure, although their free album is already 6 years old (but amazingly good none the less). So they were first.

Their last album so far, Wives & Babies, is pretty good too (you can listen to it by clicking on the link), but the free album ‘Girl With A Gun’ is superb.  The First song is from that Wives & Babies-album, the other two from Girl with a gun. You can buy their album on Cd Baby or through the extremely small label Captain Cape.

Day Action Band – Every Breeze

Day Action Band – Love Again

Day Action Band – Do You Love Me

My little Hippie brother: Megafaun

7 February 2009

1436656257_lWho? Megafaun

What? The Little brothers of Akron/Family. Hippie Psych Folk music

Sounds Like? Akron/Family, Best Of Seth, Fire On Fire and all those other shalalala bands

Guys who have been following Stereogum for a while have seen this already pass in their Bands to watch-list. But i assume none of you do, so let’s get you familiar with this great psych. folk band.

Megafaun consists of 3 people, of which 2 are called Cook, which makes me believe they are related (unless it’s not their last name, but their everyday job). (but then they could better call their band 2 cooks and another guy). Anyway, they make great long songs, on which you can get naturally high. They’ve release some of these songs on their EP ‘Bury The Square’, which you can probably order by asking them (there’s an e-mailadres on their MySpace.) or through their label Table Of The Elements/Radium.

Do so!

Megafaun – Find  Your Mark

Megafaun – Where We Belong

You killed Your Brother-folk: Thinguma*jigsaw

13 January 2009

thingumaWho? Thinguma*Jigsaw

What? Scary Eerie Splatter Folk

Sounds like? You tell me. Scott Walker, the easy listening version? Or the folk of Current 93..

So, I mostly don’t have a straightforward plan about which band i’ll blog next (i’ll just look in my mediaplayer and pick the first one i see that not many people know). So today i’ll talk about a band who is recording a new album, though there isn’t any date fixed for that. Thinguma*jigsaw is a duo that makes haunted folk, which you don’t listen to when walking home alone with your iPöd on your head. It’s scary, deserted. It’s got its roots in traditional folk, with a lot of ethnic instruments (as far as i know). Haunting.


You can buy the album at Deserted Village, their label

Thinguma*Jigsaw – Burden of Genius ( For P. Condon)

Thinguma*Jigsaw –  Jumping Jack Flesh

Sway Sway Sway Away: Findlay Brown

5 November 2008

529091196_lWho? Findlay Brown

What? Folk music, that sounds as if it’s made by a seventies singer-songwriter

Sounds like? Tim Buckley, a pinch of Nick Drake, and other guys from that time

I’m gonna keep it short, cause i’m not feeling all too well, but i don’t want to keep this blog not updated. I’m still working hard on my end-of-year-list, but realize that some albums aren’t as good as i had thought…

Next to that, a bit of autumn is slowly sipping in, and the remedy for that is gentle fingerpicked or strummed folk music.

That’s what Findlay Brown is all about. Enjoy this with your teddybear close to you.

Findlay Brown – Separated By The Sea

Findlay Brown – Twin Green Pram

You can buy his album’Separated By The Sea’ on his Myspace (although that seems to link through to the Itunes Store, so where you can buy a physical copy..try amazon or stuff like that i guess)

Stop ignoring women, inside outsock: Rachel Lipson

3 November 2008

Who? Rachel Lipson

What? Antifolk singersongwriter with a sweet voice

Sounds like? Kimya Dawson but sweeter, Laura Gibson, BeatBeat Whisper

I haven’t checked it, but if i let my brain work and run through all the artists i’ve been bloggin about, i miss women. There was miss autopsy, who is not a woman but just calls himself one, and the wind whistles but that’s partially man.

So, Rachel Lipson. She has a website, but that hasn’t been updated in a while, and she has a myspace. more to know? She lives in Brooklyn, has recorded an album with André Herman Düne (who is now known as Stanley Brinks) and her songs are sweet and folky. It reminds me of Kimya Dawson without the hoarse voice. I could hear them cover each other songs, taht’s for sure.

Just very minimalist, but  really beautiful.

I love women. Both songs are from the album Some More Songs… which you can order on her website by sending her some money in a well-sealed envelope (the old-fashioned way)..harder for europeans to get the albums this means…

Rachel Lipson – Pastures

Rachel Lipson – What Won’t Wait For You

Wooden Cabin Blues: Timber Timbre

2 November 2008

Who? Timber Timbre

What? Lo-fi soulful Blues/folk

Sounds like? Sometimes it reminds me of Misophone.  Bon iver without all the layers and without the howling, and Devendra Banhart like he sounded on Oh Me Oh My. oh, and Woods.

Timber timbre is a band that i had on my computer for quite a while now, and just today i rediscovered it. While browsing through my media library I thought “well, look at this…no idea what that is”. I put new music on my pc all the time, and because of that, i’m able to find new music just by going through my own music.

Anyway, Timber Timbre brings lo-fi blues which sounds as if it’s been recorded in the wooden cabin of Bon Iver. They weren’t heartbroken while recording but the songs do sound as if they were made in isolation.

enough of the talking. Both songs are frmo the 2007 album “Medicinals”, which i can’t find anywhere to buy, but maybe you can ask them on their MySpace (but i’m afraid the albums are sold out)

Timber Timbre – Beat The HOrse

Timber Timbre – It comes back to haunt us

The Guys from Misophone put my little post on their myspace.

27 October 2008

A few weeks (months?) ago, I wrote something exciting about Misophone, and when looking for information about the new album getting released, I found out they had put my post on their myspace.

Best part?

(p.s we’re working on getting those other albums released)

Labels, you should really really get these guys. I mean it. anyway, new album coming out in November. Just go to their label and wait till the order-button appears. Starting from Now.

In a time when Druids flourished: Comus

21 October 2008

Who? Comus

What? The first real Freakfolk band

Sounds like? Irish Leprechauns holding some strange ritual druid parties near Stonehenge and the sun is just going under never to rise again.

Ok, because i’m too busy listening to music from 2008, I decided not to blog about bands that have released something this year anymore until my list is complete and published. Old stuff (stuff from last year is old too by the way) is all it’s about next month.

So, let’s start with really old stuff… sixties, seventies, timeless..who cares. Comus is one of the most challenging bands you’ve ever heard (well, i’m talking about their first album ‘First utterance’). If you’re into folk, you’ll really love this. It’s kind of horror folk, spooky as hell, but never betraying their druid, pagan roots.

A lot of blasphemy and kick in the balls of everything christian. Let my enthusiasm not turn you off, by the way.

Comus – Drip Drip

Comus – Song of Comus

The downloads are quite heavy, but really really worth it!

The album got reissued, together with their second album (which is really really bad) . Here is this complete collection. only 7 euro’s. wow, that’s really cheap. you should all be ordering NOW!

(just thinking..maybe i should start a Classics-series. the albums you must own…let me see if i can find time to do so…)

(and it won’t contain U bloody dumb day 2)

Medieval Troubadour gets lost during time travel: Paul Roland

7 October 2008

who? Paul Roland

What? Medieval sounding singersongwriter

Sounds like? Robyn Hitchcock, the peaceful version of Comus, The Waterboys, David Bowie

Paul Roland…a guy from the eighties about whom I know absolutely nothing. And then i decided to put my laziness away and at least read his biography on So he writes books about mysticism…that’s no wonder, hearing his music.

Especially his album ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ from 1987 is a classic that got lost in time somewhere. On this timeless album, Roland plays a sort of medieval sounding folk, that is a little scary. I haven’t heard any album that gets so close to the creepy sound of 70’s folk band Comus.  Next to that, the eighties are also present, but then the eigthies I can stand.  It could also be a David Bowie acoustic bootleg ( well, the song Demin In A Glass Case really is)

Roland tells stories that seem to come froma 19th Century madhouse. Listen e.g to ‘Gary Gilmore Eyes’.

Paul Roland – Gary Gilmore Eyes

Paul Roland – Madhouse

And the coolest thing? His music got reissued, together with another album of his on one disc! You can buy it at CDBaby.