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Writing about music

20 May 2009

Actually, i hate writing about music. Frequent visitors of this blog, if there are any, have probably noticed that. I most of the time just shoo people to the mp3-links instead of them reading the pointless texts i produce. Then again, just mp3-link with nothing else, is not the way to have a blog either.

So, i’m having a difficult situation here.  I want to keep this blog up and kickin’,  but the idea that i should be writing a bunch of nonsense about one of my favorite bands, kind of annoys me. Then i just don’t feel like starting to write again. I should find a different format to keep this blog running. Maybe draw a picture to accompany every MP3, although i can’t draw that well.

There is this one blog (i can’t remember how it’s called, and I am too lazy to look it up) which just puts up some piece of art and adds an complimentary mp3 to it.  So i can’t do that either (cause that would be lame). I could write a story each time i want to give you a song, but although writing stories is something i constantly do, i think those kind of stories could be completely out of context. And that would be kind of stupid too, right? Maybe i can write letters to the artists i want to discuss. I like writing letters. But i’m afraid that could end up in a sort of lame self-indulgance where i just show of with my inadequate knowledge of the English language.

If you have any suggestions on which direction this blog should take, or if you just wanna shout: “stop whining”, please do so. I’ll try posting some more music in the meanwhile.

(Never knew a blog could’ve been so energy-consuming.)