Doomsday Device: Miss Autopsy

Who? Miss Autopsy

What? A lonely, lonely guy who makes minimalist eerie music

Sounds Like? BARR, acoustic Sonic Youth (or well, sort of), Daniel Johnston but even more depressed

I write reviews for the excellent underground culture magazine Gonzo Circus (in Dutch), and sometimes get albums of bands I’ve never heard of. Even better: I sometimes get albums of bands NO ONE has ever heard of. Say hello to Miss Autopsy, who has got only 7 listeners on

Steve Beyerink, the only real member of Miss Autopsy (next to Jason Garner, the drummer of The Paper Chase), appears to be really lonely. He used to perform with a guitar and a drum machine, but for his new album ‘The Hill’ he’s going for an even more minimalist approach. Some of the songs are no more than just Beyerink’s voice and a monotonous guitar. Ever heard BARR’s record ‘Summary’? It’s sort of spoken word, but not really. Miss Autopsy is his evil twin brother.

‘The Hill’ contains ten songs that probably were recorded during nights when Beyerink was thinking of killing himself. I’ve heard this strange mood only on two albums before, on ‘1990’ by Daniel Johnston and ‘Animal Rights’ by Moby. If you know these two albums, you probably know what i’m talking about. You can listen to two songs. ‘The Telephone song’ is the loudest song on the album, but also the most direct one, with its in your face lyrics. ‘The Doctor’ sounds more like the other songs on the album, which means creepy scary and quite suicidal.

Miss Autopsy – The Telephone Song

Miss Autopsy – The Doctor

You can buy ‘The Hill’ here, highly recommended!

More info about Miss Autopsy on his website.

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4 Comments on “Doomsday Device: Miss Autopsy”

  1. Ella Guru Says:

    Voila. Pas bezig en je hebt al een vaste downloadster. Deze vond ik geweldig!

  2. bo Says:

    goh ja, ‘the doctor’ was niet mis, maar ik ben nog steeds op zoek naar de échte Grote Ontdekking hier hoor Tom… iets wat mijn zomer gaat maken. dan doe ik wel een cheerleaderdansje voor je.

  3. hans Says:

    je bent in de myspacelink de http vergeten, waardoor de link helemaal misloopt.

    Ik hoop dat je volhoudt met deze weblog. Tot nu toe alleszins boeiende muziek. Doet er mij aan denken dat ik ook wat meer echt over muziek zou moeten schrijven op mijn weblog.

  4. […] written about Miss Autopsy before on my blog, i’ve written a review about him in Gonzo Circus, i’ve told people to buy them on […]

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