I found an AM-radio in the basement: Misophone

Who? Misophone

What? An indiefolk album you find in the woods and which takes you on a balloon flight over the ocean.

Sounds Like? Beirut,  Sufjan Stevens, a pinch of Midlake, Matt Elliott, Yann Tiersen (Amelie Poulain soundtrack) and there’s gipsy in there somewhere too

I’ve said it to a lot of people the last couple of months, and i’ll say it here again: Misophone is a must-know. They have it all: good orchestrated songs, wonderful voices and this small pinch of nostalgia. The band consists of M.A Welsh and S. Herbert.

‘Where has it gone, the beautiful music of our grandparents? It died with them, that’s where it went’ (Kningdisk, 2007) is the 13th album of Misophone. At least that’s what the bio says. The other 12 albums can’t be found anywhere online, but i guess that these guys have a whole box of home tapes (release them now).

I’ve never read that many Jules Verne books, except for 10,000 miles under the sea. But we’ve got this old collection of his books at home, and it seems as if Misophone makes the perfect soundtrack for the drawings in those books.  I just can’t describe how good this is. You just have to listen for yourself. I’ve uploaded a quiet song (White Waves) and a more uptempo one (Turning Hay in The Fields)

Misophone – White Waves

Misophone – Turning Hay in The Fields

If you wanna have the next big thing, before it’s even the next big thing, you can buy it here. This should have been my number one of 2007, and it’s slowly tumbling into my top 50 of all-time favourites. this is fuckin’ awesome (listening it to it while i type.. i’ve got goosebumps)

(The songs on their MySpace are all new ones, and the songs on the album are even better than those ones!)

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  1. […] my little post on their myspace. A few weeks (months?) ago, I wrote something exciting about Misophone, and when looking for information about the new album getting released, I found out they had put my […]

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