Bring out the confetti and the balloons: Mount Righteous

Who? Mount Righteous

What? an indie-sounding marching band

Sounds like: The Polyphonic Spree, The Flaming Lips and other fun fun fun bands

Most of the bands I will tell about here, are stolen from other musical blogs. I would like to give them credit for that, but most of the time i can’t remember where I found a certain great band. I however still remember where i found Mount Righteous, on the great blog Said the Gramophone.

So, that’s settled. Let’s talk about music. Mount righteous is a 11-piece band that makes marching band songs. You could just see the confetti fly around if you close your eyes. Handclaps, multi-singing. It’s like the happy (even happier!) version of the Polyphonic Spree. They also have their own label, Righteous Records, which seems to have released a whole series of songs by the band members. Lovely! They even have someone who sows wallets. So that’s pretty awesome.

Anyway, my favourite song kinda ‘Licorice Night’ reminds me of this old-time classic ‘Lollipop’. Which reminds me of good old time childhood, which reminds me of happiness. Thank you Mount Righteous!

Mount Righteous – Licorice Night

You can buy the album ‘When The Music Starts’ here. In the booklet you get the chords to each song, so you can play along. Must admit it doesn’t sound as good when you play this songs acoustically on your own, without the handclaps and backing vocals.

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One Comment on “Bring out the confetti and the balloons: Mount Righteous”

  1. […] I’ve written about this band before, and so you all should already know them. For those who weren’t aware of my blog at the time: Welcome! Mount Righteous is a big band hippie Texan band, which sounds a bit like the polyphonic spree, but better… if you like this kind of party music where everyone sings along, claps his hands and dances with each other, try this.  And because i’m lazy, i’ll just repost the song i gave away back then. […]

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