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Albums that won’t make my End of year list of 2008 and will appear in many others

26 October 2008

So, still not completey listened all records of 2008 (and new ones are added every day, damn frustrating hobby of mine), but i’m getting there. And i’m pretty sure that there are lots of records that just won’t make the list, although all the indie kids are screaming that these records are the best in evolutionary history. But no, the following records that could’ve made into my list if I hadn’t listened to them (meaning there were some expectations), didn’t get into my holy realm:

1. Tv On the Radio – Dear Science

Ok, i admit it. I like this album. It’s funky, it’s danceable, and there is a certain excitement to it. But it’s just not good enough to compete with the other albums that will make my list.

2. Conor Oberst – Conor Oberst

I used to be a very big fan. a Very big fan. I had all the records (well, not all legal), i looked for new songs, i even won his albums, concert tickets and a bottle of his favourite wine because i had written a piece about him. That peace ended with “i hope the hurricane won’t ever stop”. Unfortunately, he did. He started slowing down after I’m Wide Awake (which was a good record), and right now, i feel like i don’t ever wanna listen to him again. His solo-album was so boring and middle of the road, as if Oberst has lost his urge to make music. He’s trying too hard now, instead of just doing. That is most of the time deadly.

3. My Morning Jacket – Evil Urges

‘Highly Suspicious’, what the hell was that about? A joke? It was shocking. It made me stop listening immediately. It took me a few weeks to gather the courage to listen to the rest. Skipping the hated track, i found out that My Morning jacket has gone the same way as Conor OBerst. While the official press (all guys older than 36, mind you) gives much praise to the new direction (because they are old and in love with middle of the road music) the band has chosen, i think it’s just not heartbreakign enough anymore. I don’t get goosebumps. This band is after Z adn this record of the list too.

4. Cat Power – Jukebox

Damn, three in a row, and three times the same story.  Chan Marshall used to be a drunk, she used to be loud mouthed, emotional, making intense songs. And then she got sober, got jazzy and while the big mob was discovering her nice voice (which she still has), the guys who knew her early records took their money and run. Well, i did.

5. Bon Iver – For Emma, and Ever Again

Dear insideoutsock, Bon Iver, is that too commercial as well? ¬†Well no, dear children. Bon Iver was in my list last year (hear me brag), and in that way is excluded from this year’s list. But, after having known it for almost a year, I can say that it would probably just make the real list, or maybe it just wouldn’t. The album isn’t as heartbreaking after a few spins, and i’m really wondering whether this guy will be able to amaze us with a second album. I think he won’t. But we’ll see.

And to conclude, songs that prove Cat Power, Bright Eyes and My Morning Jacket used to be way better.

My Morning JAcket – Bermuda Highway (At Dawn)

My Morning Jacket – I will be There When You Die (The Tennessee Fire)

Bright Eyes – Something Vague (Fevers & Mirrors)

Cat Power – Nude as the News (What Would The Community Think?)

Cat Power – Werewolf (You Are Free)