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We used to wash ourselves in the dustbowl: The Avett Brothers

24 September 2008

Who? The Avett Brothers

What? with a small pinch of bluegrass

Sounds Like? Ryan Adams and all those other people that don’t just rechew in a boring way

I have periods that i’m really into twang or americana-music, but i’m normally very picky. There is a lot of bad out there, or alt. Country i don’t like at least.

At first, I thought The Avett Brothers and their album Emotionalism was like one of those “oh my god not those cowboys again”-albums. But, in contrast to normal procedures i gave it enough chances (normal procedure? Two listens, if i don’t like it => away it goes).

I’m hooked. Completely. I’ve got the feeling i could listen to Emotionalism all of the time. Not all tracks (i’m e.g. not a big fan of the song Salina), but there are some incredibly nice songs on this album…

Take “the Ballad of love and hate”, which is one of the greatest ballads i’ve heard in a long time. It really hits me. But the more up-tempo songs are amazing too.. I think what i like most is the wonderful harmonic melodies… I’m a lo-fi guy, but if things sound perfect like this, i can get hooked at times.

But you already know my credo: don’t read, listen.

The Avett Brothers – The Ballad Of Love And Hate

The Avett Brothers – Paranoia In Bb Major

And because this song is great and has a wonderful Videoclip: Die Die Die

You can buy their albums here.. I just know Emotionalism, but that will change soon. Every recommendation is welcome!


I am a jolly good twee: Benji Cossa

31 August 2008

Who? Benji Cossa

What? A Sixties lo-fi pop singer-songwriter

Sounds Like? Sixties boysbands but on his own. 

It’s kinda hard to come up with good comparisons for Benji Cossa. I first thought of The Beatles, but on second thought, it’s maybe more Beach Boys. But even that comparison sucks. The thing with Cossa is that he sounds so familiar, that it’s hard to describe. Well, not that hard, cause he surely he is twee, lo-fi, pop and a singer-songwriter (actually this is proving my point)

He used to be on the fabulous Magik Marker records, also home of the Pavementesque indie band Boat (you will learn more about them on this blog someday) , but his latest album ‘Vault Volume II, Jewels and Gems’ is released on Serious Business Records, of which i haven’t really heard before. Anyway, you can go there to buy his latest album.

On his website there are a few tunes, including ‘Volcano’, a less lo-fi song which he recorded for a soundtrack for a movie I have never heard of. The other song is of ‘Benji Cossa’s Vault 1’

Benji Cossa – Volcano

Benji Cossa – Four Wheels