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Bookworm Wednesday: Jose Saramago – Blindness

22 October 2008

What? Blindness by Jose Saramago

About? A city where everyone turns blind all of a sudden and the horrible consequences

A collegue told me today that the movie adaptation of the brilliant novel Blindness by Jose Saramago really sucked. I love movie adaptations. Most people think the book is better, because they always compare the two, even though the mediums are completely different.

Anyway, i don’t want to get too intellectual. Or maybe i do, cause Jose Saramago isn’t an easy read. The lack of punctuation, except for the use of commas, asks for an effort on behalf of the reader. I’ve only managed to finish Blindness, although i started in some of his other books. And i will do so again, cause the thing i love most about Saramogo is the way his books all evolve around a “What if?”- idea. Blindness talks about what could happen if everyone all of a sudden turned blind, whereas ‘The Double’ e.g. has a concept: what if you discovered someone who is exactly like you?

‘Blindness’ is a book you don’t read if you want something light-hearted. Not only the style is heavy, the plot itself is horrifying. I’m not gonna bore you with analyzing this novel (in particular, because i’m not fond of analyzing and dissecting novels, and because i have read the books almost 4 years ago), but its underlying message is quite the read. You don’t have to read Blindness if you want realism. It’s actually a parable that describes humankind from a misantropic point of view.

You can buy it at your book store. I think you should read it in your own language if your English isn’t good enough. That will be hard enough.