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The List is done!

28 November 2009


So, finally my  2009-list is done, a bit later than last year. Listening to all the stuff from this year, I had a mixed feeling… there were not as much outstanding records as last year, and a lot of bands I really looked forward to disappointed me.

That being said, I’ve got a really amazing number one, which I will reveal in the course of the following weeks, hoping to have finished before or just after Christmas. I also will try to finish my best of the decade list by then, so I’ve got a lot of work to do.

Anyway… the albums that you won’t see in my end of year list (that you would’ve suspected in the first place)

Islands – Vapours: Vocoders are there to be destroyed. This band is finally over for me. I won’t be trying any next stuff.

Devendra Banhart – What will we be: Banhart’s first major label release, and you can hear that. All the fun is sucked out of his songs. The promising future turned into a bland present.

Monsters of Folk: Though they gave a great show (and I got wronged by Oberst and James about how they suck these days), the sum isn’t nearly as good as the separate parts. At least on the record.

Micah P. Hinson All Dressed up and smelling of strangers: I like cover albums, but i have no idea what Hinson was thinking with some of these versions.

Findlay brown: I don’t even wanna remember this. From superfolkie (and a high spot in my 2007 list) to Phil Collins’ evil stepbrother. Yuk. (I’m not even giving the name of the album, because I wanna spare you guys that).

Misophone – I sit at open windows: I once asked them if they would release their old material, and i think this is one of the albums preceding “Where has it gone, all the beautiful music of our grandparents? ..” The bad thing is you can hear that they’ve not grown to their full potential on those albums yet. Guys, ignore my request and just start recording new stuff.

Grizzly Bear– Veckatimest: i must say it was on the shortlist for quite a while, but in the long run it just wasn’t good enough to obtain a place in the top 50. The Same for Castanets, Casiotone For the Painfully Alone, Bonnie Prince Billy, Hallelujah The Hills, Why (my number one of last year!) and Noah & The Whale.

Wilco – Wilco (the album): the last three albums of this band are probably all in my top 50 of the last ten years, and although this one has enjoyable songs, It’s just a bit below Wilco-standards. There isn’t one song no it that would end up on my Wilco best-of mixtape. This hurt probably the most this year. Ouch Wilco.

So, now you have a small overview on what’s not there. Keep checking the blog for the Yes-list.



Wooden Cabin Blues: Timber Timbre

2 November 2008

Who? Timber Timbre

What? Lo-fi soulful Blues/folk

Sounds like? Sometimes it reminds me of Misophone.  Bon iver without all the layers and without the howling, and Devendra Banhart like he sounded on Oh Me Oh My. oh, and Woods.

Timber timbre is a band that i had on my computer for quite a while now, and just today i rediscovered it. While browsing through my media library I thought “well, look at this…no idea what that is”. I put new music on my pc all the time, and because of that, i’m able to find new music just by going through my own music.

Anyway, Timber Timbre brings lo-fi blues which sounds as if it’s been recorded in the wooden cabin of Bon Iver. They weren’t heartbroken while recording but the songs do sound as if they were made in isolation.

enough of the talking. Both songs are frmo the 2007 album “Medicinals”, which i can’t find anywhere to buy, but maybe you can ask them on their MySpace (but i’m afraid the albums are sold out)

Timber Timbre – Beat The HOrse

Timber Timbre – It comes back to haunt us

The Guys from Misophone put my little post on their myspace.

27 October 2008

A few weeks (months?) ago, I wrote something exciting about Misophone, and when looking for information about the new album getting released, I found out they had put my post on their myspace.

Best part?

(p.s we’re working on getting those other albums released)

Labels, you should really really get these guys. I mean it. anyway, new album coming out in November. Just go to their label and wait till the order-button appears. Starting from Now.

Drowning in Lists

19 October 2008

I checked it. Last year i had a list by the end of Oktober. What kind of list? A list of the best records of 2007, and a list of the 9 best upcoming bands, and then 2 lists of the most beautiful and ugliest album covers. I even had a list of bands that wouldn’t make my lists.

Yep, lists is the keyword here. I’ve been spending the last three weeks relistening the 314 (!) albums of 2008 on my computer, taking into consideration that i have thrown away a lot, but also that there are always new albums added onto the list. It’s fighting a music tsunami, for no clear reasons.

Right now, i’ve got a shortlist of 85 bands (for 50 places), and I also have around 120 albums to listen (plus two new albums a day) …sigh, you all must think i’m mad. and then there are some very good albums coming out later this year. The New album by Misophone is for the middle of november, and the debut album by Fire on Fire for December. They just won’t make the list.

So, why should I bother? Why being so strict about it? No idea. It’s something in my genes i think. I’ve been making lists since i was a real small boy (back then i made lists of soccer teams, soccer players, and I started making new lists every month or so). It’s something I do and want to handle as punctual as needed. Until I get tired and just make up stuff.

Anyway, somewhere in November, the lists will appear here somewhere. At the end of that month, the big list. It will be not complete, i’m sure about that.