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2008 Galore!, Pt. 743 (i lost count): 30- 21

9 December 2008

And here we are again, for just the following 10 of the list. Yes, It takes a lot of time writing these posts, which is the reason why i postpone it, but i need to finish this. So, off we go:

30. Final Fantasy – Plays to please/Spectrum, 14th Century (Blocks recording club)


Sounds like: Indie, the musical.

How vaudeville can you get, is a question that you can ask if you listen to these two teasing EP’s by Final Fantasy. They are released on something that i’m not even sure is a label, but i could be wrong. I got it the illegal way, but still I’ll all advise you to go out and buy these two little gems. If you like previous Final Fantasy-releases you get more of the same. Spectrum, 14th Century is filled with nature recordings as an extra, but it’s ‘Plays to Please’ that is really amazingly good. Vaudevillian all the way, so to speak.

Final Fantasy – Nun or Bawd (From ‘Plays to Please’)

29. Cloud Cult – Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornados) (Earthology Records => self-released)


Sounds like: A combination of everything that should make a band really big in evil, big indie-worshipband land

Really, guys. If you like Arcade Fire, you can not not like Cloud cult. That’s like saying you don’t eat chocolate, but you have this craving for chocolate pudding. Cloud cult is witty, rocky, elektronic, folky, muddy, don’t know how many more words i have to put here until someone stops reading and just listens to the song.

Cloud Cult – Everybody here is a cloud

28. Pete Molinari – A Virtual Landslide (Damaged Good Records)


Sounds like: The 50’s version of Turner Cody, Richie Valentine? (50’s middle class Rock-‘ parents dig this)

Retro, retro, retro! I can’t stress it  enough, but 2008 was in my opinion mostly retro. Take Pete Molinari e.g. He sounds as if he’s on some tv-show, black & white, in the fifties. People don’t really know what internet is, and they aren’t yet familiar with never stopping consumerism. Pete Molinari is on, and his innocent singer-songwriter romantic songs fit the times. They aren’t as wild as Elvis, they are middle class white “gosh, Pete is a very fine singer. that boy is gonna be big if he doesn’t die in a plane crash” songs.

Pete Molinari – Adelaine

27. Mount Righteous – When The Music Starts (Self-Released)


Sounds like: Big Band Hippies

I’ve written about this band before, and so you all should already know them. For those who weren’t aware of my blog at the time: Welcome! Mount Righteous is a big band hippie Texan band, which sounds a bit like the polyphonic spree, but better… if you like this kind of party music where everyone sings along, claps his hands and dances with each other, try this.  And because i’m lazy, i’ll just repost the song i gave away back then.

Mount Righteous – Licorice Night

26. Ezra Furman & The Harpoons –  Inside The Human Body (Minty Fresh Records)


Sounds like: Finally, we can get rid of Bob Dylan (and clap your hands say yeah)

Ezra Furman was in my list last year, on the number 5 spot, and if I listen to this album just a bit more (cause i haven’t really listened to it that much, not used to the songs yet), I know this album will end up much higher in the list. Ezra should be the one stepping into Dylan’s footsteps. Not “gosh, why did i become so boring” Conor Oberst. This is great Neil Young, Dylanlike Singersongwriter southern rock songs/singersongwriter stuff! Just listen to the song, and notice the background choir. Fucking goosebumps.

Ezra Furman & the Harpoons – Take Off Your Sunglasses

25. The War on Drugs – Wagonwheel Blues  (Secretly Canadian)


Sounds Like: Bruce Springsteen goes Sonic Youth

ok, i stole that comparison from vaaaaarious other blogs, but it’s really accurate. The War on Drugs has made an album of which you know that it will sound timeless all the time. They’ve made solid songs the springsteen way (and i don’t even really like springsteen), but added a bit fuzz and distortion to them. Adding to that, a great singing voice, and we’re all there, in our farmer shirts and our no wave-hairdo.  It’s like they say: you can not go wrong with Secretly Canadian (you can though).

The War on Drugs – Taking The Farm

24. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra – Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra (Get Physical)


Sounds like: Indie R&B

Damn, another band i already discussed here. this osunds as i’ve said like an R&B version of the Notwist or the Go Find. eeeeh, what else can i say..go buy it? you can read all the rest in the previous post!  or listen to the song.

Raz Ohara & the Odd Orchestra – Kisses

23. Women – Women (Jagjaguwar Records)


Sounds like: Living on a garbage belt, and getting bored, so let’s make some noise.

I saw Women live a few weeks ago, together with their producer Chad Vangaalen. Thought they were boring. That doesn’t help appreciating the music on the album, but I’m still really enjoying this. It’s sometimes Animal Collective, sometimes lo-fi No Age, sometimes something else. I know everyone with a moderate taste in music would call this absolute rubbish, but I enjoy the fact that you have to look for songs between the noise. Long live layered lo-fi! (there are some more quiet songs on there too)

Women – Black Rice

Women – Group Transport Hall

22. Ratatat – LP 3 (XL Recordings)

Sounds Like: An Electronic Walk through the land of Oz.

I don’t listen that many purely instrumental or electronic music. Mostly because most albums don’t interest me. I know that’s quite the prejudice, but i don’t care (you also won’t find kayne west, or any other hiphop-soul-whatever guy or girl in this list, just to show how amazingly diverse i am. I’m not) Anyway, I got the ratatat album to write a review about it, and to my own amazement really liked this. These little miniature songs take you on a trip through a sort of miracle lollipop land. I imagine this land is Oz, but it could also be Alice’s wonderland (no it’s not weird enough for that), or the land where Mary Poppins live when she’s not taking care of some annoying kids.

Ratatat – Black Heroes

21. Mount Eerie – Lost Wisdom (P.W Elverum & Sun => self-released)


Sounds like: the great winter depression of lo-fi (and did Jason Molina of Songs: Ohia turn back to its roots?)

I must admit that although i’m very lo-fi minded, the projects of Phil Elverum are always a bit hard for me to grasp. I think you must really listen to it day and night to really find it amazing the way the real Microphones-fans do. Then again, it’s great stuff. And if you ask the wonderful Julie Doiron to accompany on your album, you just know that it’s gonna be amazing. Lost Wisdom is sad, but wooden cabin sad. It’s the christmas melancholy, when you know the last fire is burning and after that you’ll freeze to death.

Mount Eerie – What?

What Happened to the poetry?: Havergal

24 October 2008

Who? Havergal

What? slacker folk with dots of elektronica

Sounds like? slowed down Postal Service sung by some pavement-fan, The prenatal Birth of Why?

There once was a time, that there was a guy, that was called Havergal by many people in many nations. Havergal was a musician, who made music for the sad lonely indie kid who enjoyed his folk with a bit of modern electronics. He sang as if he didn’t really care. Both songs down here are from his masterpiece ‘Lungs For The RAce’.

I really wonder what happened with him. I want him back.

Havergal – Lungs For The RAce

Havergal – Hey

You can find his albums at Secretly Canadian.

If anyone can tell me what the guy is doing right now (musically i mean), just let me know!

whydoweneedinterPUNKtion?: Imadethismistake

10 October 2008

Who? Imadethismistake

What? Emotional Acoustic Sort of Punk. Don’t even think about callin’ it Emo. Maybe call it Elmo.

Sounds Like? Emotional Acoustic Punk off course. Antifolk,maybe.

I make mistakes all the time. Just a few hours ago i made a mistake of not giving this girl a story i wrote for her. (The story was only 5 lines long and contained no dirty words). Alas, now she’ll be gone from my life. Strangely enough, that’s exactly the feeling Imadethismistake translates into something musical. Next to the teenage despair, there is this emotional feeling of something that has been lost forever.

The singer doesn’t really sing, he has a strange parlando style. He breathes too hard, and at the end of each line he seems to be out of air. But I guess this weird singing is what attracted me to it in the first place.

Their album ‘Tomorrow We Start New’ was on my top 10 list of great bands for the future. When i listened to it again, today, i realized they should have been in the big list.

Imadethismistake – Imaginary Notes

Imadethismistake – College Or A Broken Nose

Both songs are from this album, that you can buy at the wonderful Music Store CD baby, the place if you wanna discover new stuff.

We all dance and singalong: The Wind Whistles

6 October 2008

Who? The Wind Whistles

What? Enjoyable singalong indie, with duets

Sounds like? Belle & Sebastian and other twee bands that sound not too twee, but more folky (it’s really hard to believe i really write reviews i think)

I like promoting free music. Especially when it sounds pretty amazing and even has the chance of ending up in my list of favourite albums of 2008. The Wind Whistles is a band that has as main element a male voice and a female voice singing together, and a whole bunch of friends singing along. This makes me wanna singalong too. I wanna make this kind of music when i perform.

Windows Sills got released on Aaaaah records (don’t know if i get the number of a’s right), a small label that gives away their music for free. In times of financial crisis, that’s a really cute thing to do guys.

Anyway, Gold Fever is a really nice uptempo countryish song about Gold Fever (how Appropiate!), whereas Man by name of Denver is a folk singalong.. campfire song!

The Wind Whistles – Gold Fever

The Wind Whistles –  Man By Name Of Denver

And off course you can download the entire album – FOR FREE – here.

Let’s Get on Your Nerves: Grampall Jookabox

5 October 2008

Who? Grampall Jookabox

What? Detuned Folk with a beat, weird voices and a big “I don’t get it, but it’s good”-feeling

Sounds Like: Captain Beefhearts grandchildren, but folkier

I’m tired and not really in the mood to write anything, but I do wanna keep this blog up and going (busy times prevent me to do daily updates). So, this is gonna be a short one.

Grampall Jookabox is a band most people will probably just get extremely irritated by. As a matter of fact, my father just entered my room and said: “god this is awful!”.  They make a sort of folk with weird little noises, funny voices and most of it kind of repetitive. I call it folk, but actually it really is something undefinable. I’m not writing about this, because i like promoting weird music, but because i think it’s really good.

They have released a free to download EP just a month or so ago on one of the bigger indie labels, Asthmatic Kitty. Last year they had their debut album ‘Scientific Cricket’, which intrigued me. And in just a few weeks, they’ll release their second full length on Asthmatic Kitty, called ‘Ropechain’.

I’ll just post links to the free songs, cause of my laziness.  ‘Bad Wis My ‘Slopder’ is a really funny song, and very characteristic for the What the hell feeling i was telling about.. it’s like a sort of muppet show voice trippin’ really badly. The Other song is a sort of lesson in singalong nonsense, and the band laughing because one of them can’t sing along…you’ll just have to listen I think.

Grampall Jookabox – ‘Bad Wis My Slopder’

Grampall Jookabox – The Steamboat Gothic stomp

You can download the entire EP here, and i recommend you doing so !

The reincarnation of the Neutral Milk Hotel: The Love Letter Band

30 September 2008

Who? The Love Letter Band

What? Indie-folk, twee, indie indie indie!

Sounds Like? Neutral Milk Hotel, Mt. Eerie, These United States, The Robot Ate Me and other great lo-fi bands

Jeff Mangum made a masterpiece with his album ‘In An Aeroplane over the Sea’, I agree. It seems however that everyone is waiting for his ressurection. No need to do that, cause there is this other band, The Love Letter Band, that makes songs that are just that good!

Unfortunately, they don’t exist no more. Well, they are called Bad Weather California these days,  and make more of twang-oriented songs (according to their myspace).. Still very good (sounds a bit like These United States), but not as good as their album ‘Fear not My Brothers, Fear not My Sisters. For I Have seen the Future’.

Anyway, all those good unkown indie-seeking people should listen to The Love Letter Band. And buy their albums at Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

The Love Letter Band – Fear Not My Brothers, Fear Not My Sisters

The Love Letter Band – College Kids

The Love Letter Band – Ain’t No Grave Deep Enough (from the World is My Church EP which they released on slender means society

The Origins of Contemporary Experimental Indie? : The Pygmies of the Ituri Forest

18 September 2008

Who? The Pygmies of Ituri Forest

What? Original recordings from the fifties from a pigmy tribe in Congo

Sounds like? Acoustic Demos of Animal Collective

THe Pygmies of Ituri Forest is an amazing band name, but unfortunately this post is about the real pygmies. A few days ago I found this great blog that share complete albums with crazy or eccentric music. I was really wondering how Pygmies sound and guess what? They sound like Indie music!

This morning in the bus to work I listened to it, and all I could think was: “this is just like that experimental stuff that Animal Collective does. ” Probably most of you will disagree, but well, you should have to listen to it for yourself. Out of respect for this guy’s blog, I’ll just post the link to his site, cause he earns all the credit for it… Great Find

(I dno’t know if the album is still for sale and where it can be found…

PS: I’m a bit sick, so that’s why this post is not that long. I’ll have my bookworm wednesday (why did I call it that?) somewhere this weekend.

Extreme indie!

16 September 2008

Yesterday, at an editorial meeting from daMusic, the great Dutch musiczine i’m engaged in, someone described me as “Extreme indie”.

Great!, I Thought, “finally recognition for the endless searches of new music and the piles of awfully bad music I’ve been going through these last years. I can finally say I’m extreme indie and retire. I hope someone will make a movie out of my life as an extreme indie.” Too bad he didn’t call me an indie snob (cause basically, that’s what I am… i can do really – to my own enjoyment i must admit – be mean about music i do not like, although i try to avoid it)

In the train home i started thinking what defines me as such. Is it these eternal endless quests of looking for music that no man has ever heard before and I can say “I knew him before anyone else did” ? (in fact, i just look for music because i don’t have a girlfriend to spend all this free time with). I think it has got more to do with the fact that I’m not willing to let the radio stations and record labels tell me what I need to listen and like. (and because i’m a bit of a maniac in music stuff) In all those music-discovering years I’ve found so many amazing things that will never be heard on radio stations (probably because the majority of the people hate the stuff I like), that i can’t stop looking now. My searches will go on, thanks to all the hundreds of music lovers on the internet that, just like me, share one thing : their love for music.

According to Google Images the picture underneath is “Extreme indie”. WEll, i’m not like that.

Belgian Couple Attacked By A Bear, but he just wanted to sing songs: Black Bear

9 September 2008

Who? Black Bear

What? Synthesizer indie lo-fi

Sounds like? Casiotone For The Painfully alone

Let’s start with a game: name as many bands with the word bear in it as you can. I’ll start: Grizzly Bear, Grumpy Bear, Bearsuit, Himalayan Bear, Panda Bear, Quiet Bears, Volcano The Bear and Seabear. And i’m probably forgetting some. Anyway, lame introduction to today’s band: Black Bear.

Don’t know where i found out about this guy, but it was a very good find, especially for a lo-fi freak as i am (sometimes). With a quite distinctive voice and cool synth melodies and beats. He sounds like a happier version of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone at times, although he also is just a tiny bit of Sunset Rubdown.

But, as i’ve said already many times before: music tells more than all the rubbish i’m typing trying to describe it.

Black Bear – Flicker Wings

Black Bear –  I Believe in Immediacy

You should all go to Baskerville Records and buy the album. And spam the guy on his MySpace to ask when there will be a second album. (his best song by the way is “Black Bear” which can be listened to on his myspace, which is the reason why i’m not posting it here)

I am the grandson of a nazi General: Jumbling Towers

8 September 2008

Who? Jumbling Towers

What? Indie rock with a german sounding frontman

Sounds like? Sunset Rubdown for the voice, Interpol for the music (i really really suck at comparisons haha)

I found this band through some obscure blog last year and really got excited after a first listen… I’ve always been a huge fan of strange voices, starting from Billy Corgan And his pumpkins (don’t worry, i’ve outgrown them, although i always feel nostalgic when i hear them) and ending with things like Frog Eyes or Sunset Rubdown. Off course, all Indie Kids dig that.

Jumbling Towers however has got really everything to be a indie favourite… I still don’t know why almost no one is blogging about them, cause their debut album is an energy-driven fairly original rock album. And there is the singer’s voice, sounding like a german general at times (but he appears to be singing in English)…it’s like indie cabaret rock, or something…

anyway, better stop reading and start listening..the cool thing can listen to two songs of their debut album here on my blog, but the band also released an EP on their website for all of you to download FOR FREE (especially the first song is great).. I like the full album better however, but well…just a matter of taste. The album can also be bought on their website. (i bought it by PayPal but the link on their myspace seems to have vanished….they probably ran out of copies..but this is gonna have a reissue at some day in the future)

Jumbling Towers – Pure Jew

Jumbling Towers – He’s A Cop Now