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Bookworm Wednesday: John Fante

26 April 2009

storyWho? John Fante

What? Bukowski’s literary father, an italian migrant, and one of the best confessional literature-novels I have read so far.

About a year ago i met a guy who had written a book about a year in his life, and he asked me to read what i thought of it (and get all the spelling errors out). It was pretty good, and as a reward he lent me a few books, people who he enjoyed reading. He’s quite into so-called confessional literature, (e.g. Knut Hamsun, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller).

He gave me two books by John Fante. In his books Arturo Bandini Рclearly based upon Fante self Рis a would-be writer who has moved to Hollywood to become a succesful author. His thoughts swing from thinking he is the best writer alive to finding himself a complete failure. Next to that, he also has quite the  temper, so that he he is unctrollable in his actions.

Although I’m quite fond of Bukowski, Fante is even better. I’ve only read two books thus far, but they haven’t bored me for a bit. They are even very touching at times…

Confessional literature has the advantage over traditional literature that the only style it needs is honesty. Off course, you have to be a good writer, but Fante doesn’t kill his text by using too much stilistic devices. ¬†It’s like lo-fi literature. Also for people who enjoyed Catcher in The Rye.

Great stuff.

Buy John Fante at Amazon or look for it in your second hand bookstore.