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End of 2009: 30 – 21

26 December 2009

I planned on finishing this before tomorrow, but I’m having not enough time to do it like I did for numers 50 – 31. So, the next texts are gonna be shorter, very short. Just a sentence and a song. Hope you don’t mind.

30. Megafaun – Gather, Form And Fly (Home Tapes)

What? Band rooted in indie country, but opening up to a whole array of genres

Megafaun – Solid Ground

29. Alec Ounsworth – Mo Beauty (ANTI-records)

What? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-man goes solo and ‘nasals’ his way to heavy pretention pop. (but not as heavy as his other project Flashy Python)

Alec Ounsworth – Idiot in The Rain

Bonus song:

Alec Ounsworth – Wide Awake (one of my favourite songs ever, from unreleased early demos by Ounsworth)

28. Magnolia Electric Co – Josephine (Secretly Canadian)

What? Jason Molina grows a mustache and turns into a sad country-band.

Magnolia Electric Co – Whip-Poor-Will

27. Elvis Perkins – Elvis Perkins in Dearland (XL Recordings)

What? Johnny Flynn’s american twin brother didn’t impress me with his debut, but this album is an emotional joyride.

Elvis Perkins – Shampoo

26. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Up From Below (Rough Trade)

What? Not sure if this hippie stuff deserves to be so high, but the song ‘Home’ deluded me, by becoming the song i listened to the most in 2009.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

25. M. Ward – Hold Time (Merge Records)

What? M. Ward keeps going. We keep listening.

M. Ward – For Beginners

24. Doug Paisley – Doug Paisley (No Quarter records)

What? Folky singer-songwriter makes a strong debut album and sounds timeless alltogether .

Doug Paisley – Diggin’ In the Ground

23. The Burning Hell – Baby (WEewerk Records)

What? Ukelele is the sound to base your career on. And sounding like Bill Callahan who’s trying comedy.

the Burning Hell – Everything Will Probably Be OK

22. Cotton Jones – Paranoid Cocoon (Suicide Squeeze)

What? Page France waves goodbye to indie brothers Death cab For Cutie and say hello to the sixties. Is that the Doors?

Cotton Jones – By Morning Light

21. Andrew Bird – Noble Beast (Fat Possum)

What? I hear a whistle in my ear, and a violin in my eye.

Andrew Bird  РOh No


The Dance of the changing Bandnames: Cotton Jones

1 February 2009

l_5f7112abcac347ee8f6828312be7a22fWho? Cotton Jones, from the previous Cotton Jones Basket Ride, formerly known as Page France

What? Sixties induced folk

Sounds like? The Doors in a folkmood, eh…he reminds me of the M. Ward ¬†sound sometimes (very warm)

I usually not blog about bands who are bit more known, just because i don’t see any use in doing what every blog does. Then again, Page France is maybe not that well known, and his current project Cotton Jones not at all. I think the band name change (the last album was from Cotton Jones Basket Ride) has something to do with that.

That being sad, his newest album ‘Paranoid Cocoon’ is an amazingly warm-sounding folk album. Michel Nau’s sound has evolved from a sort of Death Cab for Cutie-like sound to a more folk-oriented approach. I’ll add one song of the new album, which reminds me of the Doors. And also a song of Page France, which is as warm as well.

Cotton Jones -Up A Tree (Went This Heart I Have)

Page France – Mr. Violin and Dancing Bear

You can order his new album through Paypal (go to his myspace) or his label Suicide Squeeze (although the flash-pages on that site didn’t seem to work with me. So i just assume they have it) . Also take a look at Quite Scientific, who ahs released albums as well.