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Brotherly Love: Day Action Band

26 April 2009

dayactionWho? Day Action Band

What? Folky songs, that you can whistle to!

Sounds like? Lou Barlow, Sebadoh…actually all lou barlow stuff, except the loud things. I read Jim O’rourke as a reference, and that’s something i can agree with for a bit.

So, Aviary Ghost played folk songs. So does Day Action Band, but they don’t fill their songs with rich arrangements.

Aviary Ghost offered an album for free, but you had to sign up to their newsletter. Day Action band follows the same procedure, although their free album is already 6 years old (but amazingly good none the less). So they were first.

Their last album so far, Wives & Babies, is pretty good too (you can listen to it by clicking on the link), but the free album ‘Girl With A Gun’ is superb. ┬áThe First song is from that Wives & Babies-album, the other two from Girl with a gun. You can buy their album on Cd Baby or through the extremely small label Captain Cape.

Day Action Band – Every Breeze

Day Action Band – Love Again

Day Action Band – Do You Love Me


Birds with hats on: Aviary Ghost

26 April 2009

aviaryWho? Aviary Ghost

What? Melodic folkpop

Sounds like? Belle & Sebastian, All things Swedish, Jens Lekman with less emphasis on the catchiness. Something with falsettos.

So, I’m not dead. Because i want to treat you on a lot of good new music i’ve discovered over the last couple of weeks and months, i’ll keep my texts short.

The first band is Aviary Ghost, a 5-piece from Chicago, who make lushly arranged pop songs. Their songs are very whistable (if that’s a word.. meaning you could listen and whistle to them). And the cool thing is that their album is free. You do have to sign up for their monthly news letter, but since you do want to know what this band is up to, that’s not even a burden. I really recommend you doing so, cause this is actually something that should be loved by the indie crowd en masse.

Aviary Ghost – Somewhere Else

Aviary Ghost – The Brain is a House

You can find the download instructions on their website