Legal Copyright Thingies

All The Songs I publish are here for reviewing purposes only. I know you read that on every blog, but i mean it seriously. If you like something, you just spread your wings and fly to the record store. Or, use the links i provide. It’s not that i believe in “music industry”, i don’t. But artists appreciate you buying their records.

If you are one of the artists here, don’t call the RIAA or IFPI. Just give me a ring and i’ll remove your songs if you want that. I normally don’t post songs before they are officially released, but if that happens, just shout real loud. And my spider senses will come to live and remove your songs. But bear in mind that it’s all about making your music more well-known to a larger audience than just me and Some of my friends. thank you

If you are a musician and want your music reviewed by me, just let me know:!


One Comment on “Legal Copyright Thingies”

  1. I think you might enjoy my online publication. It features interviews and features with bands like: Christopher O’Riley, Ra Ra Riot, Jape, Elizabeth Harper & The Matinee, Passion Pit, Daniel Johnston, and Chairlift.

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