Eternal winters: Frontier Ruckus

l_f4ec1bafbea3487aa949a8a220096625Who? Frontier Ruckus

What? snowed country town melancholy, the farmers are locked in their barns, and they just have their banjos.

Sounds like? Timesbold, Whip, Will Oldham, Bonnie Prince Billy

Winter is to be seen at the horizon. If you don’t watch out, it’ll catch you. I heard from a friend that it was snowing in the United States. This seems like the beginning of an eternal winter. Luckily there is Frontier Ruckus.

It keeps you warm, evne if it’s sad. It’s something you should drink during heavy snow storms, while you’re thinking you can never get out of this. that nature finally has shown you that it’s stronger.

I’m not posting any songs from their album The orion Songbook. No, i’m just posting the demos that are freely available on their websites. Just the demos are amazing already. You can perhaps imagine how the album is. If so, go buy it here or here

Frontier Ruckus – Animals need Animals (demo version)

Frontier Ruckus – Ephiphanies & Revelations (demo Version)

You find a lot more demo songs here.

PS: still no reactions on my trade list plan. I guess it’s too complicated. (or should i tag them all?)

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2 Comments on “Eternal winters: Frontier Ruckus”

  1. Christian Says:

    Cozy. Neil-ish. You’re right, it warms.

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