An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine!!: Introduction & The Rules

I have been planning to use this blog a bit for my own benefit (and a lot for yours). How? I have cleaned out my cd-collection and came up with quite a lot of albums that need to get out of my house as soon as possible. I also have a box of cds that i still need to listen, to see if they have to get out of here. So the list is growing as we speak. (Just decided to get rid of ‘Tanglewood Numbers’ by Silver Jews e.g)

I am however not interested in your money, for various reasons. I get a lot of these cds for free because I write reviews. It’s not fair gaining money, just because i think a cd sucks. Next to that, I know i’d use the money just to buy new cd’s (or books), so.. why would i do that? Giving away for free, leaving me with a lot of delivery costs, is not really my favourite solution.


So i came up with An Inside Out Sock’s Big Trade Machine. I’m gonna trade my cds like I trade my unwanted books. but because there are no good cd-swaps sites on an international level, I’ll have to organize it myself.

I’m gonna make it interesting for you, my reader.  Cause you can trade your stuff through my site as well. I’m not really sure how I am gonna manage to do that, but i’ll figure it out. First see how the response is off course.

Okay, here are the rules

  1. In my list (see my next post on the blog), you’ll see a difference between regular Cd’s and Promo copies. I’ll trade 2 regular cd’s against 1 cd or book that I desire. So how will that work?  You say “I’d like to have “Tanglewood Numbers” by Silver Jews and “Infest” By Papa Roach”. You’ll give me a list of things that you are willing to get rid of. If there’s a cd or a book on that list that I like, I say: “allright, send me that one. And I’ll send you those two you want.” It’s as simple as that.
  2. If you have 3 promotional cd’s, that’s worth 1 cd or Book. So, you take three promotional cd’s from me, you’ll give me one item in return.
  3. if you want a combination of promotional cd’s & regular things? 1 regular cd + 2 promos = 1 item in return. 1 promo + 2 regular cds = 1 item in return.
  4. damn, this is complicated
  5. I have also a box of Gonzo’s Mind The Gap ‘Compilation’-cd’s. You get four if you give me one thing in return. great experimental stuff most of the time. I’m not really eager to type all tracklists, so I’ll send four random ones
  6. Most cds are in mint condition.
  7. if you have items that you want to get rid of yourself, you can send me the list, and I’ll just add them to my list. If someone’s interested in your stuff, i’ll give you eachother’s contact information. Of some sort.

Well, if I’m forgetting something, I’ll notice soon enough I guess.

Edit: if you want to trade something, leave a comment or mail me at tOMBLExxxxweed at telexxxnet dot be (without the dots, capitals and x’s. You’ll figure it out)

Now, my next post: The List

arrows1The concept of trading summarized in a Google Image Image.

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