Writing about music

Actually, i hate writing about music. Frequent visitors of this blog, if there are any, have probably noticed that. I most of the time just shoo people to the mp3-links instead of them reading the pointless texts i produce. Then again, just mp3-link with nothing else, is not the way to have a blog either.

So, i’m having a difficult situation here.  I want to keep this blog up and kickin’,  but the idea that i should be writing a bunch of nonsense about one of my favorite bands, kind of annoys me. Then i just don’t feel like starting to write again. I should find a different format to keep this blog running. Maybe draw a picture to accompany every MP3, although i can’t draw that well.

There is this one blog (i can’t remember how it’s called, and I am too lazy to look it up) which just puts up some piece of art and adds an complimentary mp3 to it.  So i can’t do that either (cause that would be lame). I could write a story each time i want to give you a song, but although writing stories is something i constantly do, i think those kind of stories could be completely out of context. And that would be kind of stupid too, right? Maybe i can write letters to the artists i want to discuss. I like writing letters. But i’m afraid that could end up in a sort of lame self-indulgance where i just show of with my inadequate knowledge of the English language.

If you have any suggestions on which direction this blog should take, or if you just wanna shout: “stop whining”, please do so. I’ll try posting some more music in the meanwhile.

(Never knew a blog could’ve been so energy-consuming.)

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3 Comments on “Writing about music”

  1. brambr Says:

    Write a short story or a childish drawing that illustrates the feeling of the songs you post, than we know if it’s something happy, or something sad, or that it are lovesongs or whatever.
    And in the end we still have to click on the links to the mp3’s !

  2. sarr Says:

    Just don’t stop writing about music! This is the only blog I’ve found from which I like every single band posted about. We have the exact same taste. I love it!

  3. Patrick Says:

    Keep writing – explain as best you can what you like best about the music

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