You killed Your Brother-folk: Thinguma*jigsaw

thingumaWho? Thinguma*Jigsaw

What? Scary Eerie Splatter Folk

Sounds like? You tell me. Scott Walker, the easy listening version? Or the folk of Current 93..

So, I mostly don’t have a straightforward plan about which band i’ll blog next (i’ll just look in my mediaplayer and pick the first one i see that not many people know). So today i’ll talk about a band who is recording a new album, though there isn’t any date fixed for that. Thinguma*jigsaw is a duo that makes haunted folk, which you don’t listen to when walking home alone with your iPöd on your head. It’s scary, deserted. It’s got its roots in traditional folk, with a lot of ethnic instruments (as far as i know). Haunting.


You can buy the album at Deserted Village, their label

Thinguma*Jigsaw – Burden of Genius ( For P. Condon)

Thinguma*Jigsaw –  Jumping Jack Flesh

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3 Comments on “You killed Your Brother-folk: Thinguma*jigsaw”

  1. brambr Says:

    2 posts on 1 day,
    the only sin is the ö in Ipod
    do not use them, remember ?!

  2. brambr Says:

    And hééy
    This feels like black ships ate the sky but it sounds better !

  3. […] Good folks (no pun intended) over at An Inside Out Sock posted on a some “Scary Eerie Splatter Folk” in the form of the group Thinguma*jigsaw – visit this great find. […]

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