Can we do a slow dance?: French Quarter

frenchquarterWho? French Quarter

What? Quietly amazingly nice folk songs.

Sounds like? Mt. eerie with less of the experiment. (rubbish comparison, i know)

Wow, 2009 is gonna be great. All those unknown bands I know (this is a joke) are releasing another album that probably no one will ever hear about. Take French Quarter e.g. Great folky songs, that are really beautiful, but no one in Europe has heard of him. (them?). Anyway, they’re releasing a new album in January. Well the singer is..and he has used not the name French Quarter, but the name Stephen Steinbrink. So look out for an album with that artist name ‘Ugly Unknowns’ it’s called.

To prove how great they are, 2 songs from their previous album.

French Quarter – In June

French Quarter – For Andy

You can pre-order their album on their myspace or through Gilgongo Records. Don’t forget to do so.

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2 Comments on “Can we do a slow dance?: French Quarter”

  1. Hey… great post about Stephen. We love him here in Phoenix and its great to see other people catching on! Thanks for listening!

  2. slash… I saw him open for Mount Eerie this last fall… the best show I saw all year. Mount Eerie and all! Julie Doiron was there too!

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