2008 Galore, pt. We’re there! 10 – 1

So, I’ve made two friends fight (see comments of my big contest-post), I’ve made people go berserk from the waiting, but now we’re there. The following ten albums are the best of this year, in my humble, but very advising opinion. If you haven’t heard any of them, you should keep on listening Britney Spears.

10. Chad Vangaalen – Soft Airplane (Sub Pop Records)


Sounds like: someone at a concert told me Neil Young, and suddenly i realized Chad Vangaalen is the Electric Neil Young for the Unwashed Yuppie generation.

Vangaalen has been on my radar for the last couple of years, and now he’s on many. Understandable, cause with his falsetto voice and his scrummy lo-fi guitar noise singer-songwriter pop whatever, he’s made one of the best albums of this year. And the third winner in a row. It’s just waiting until he gets in his gospel period before he really stinks.

Chad Vangaalen – City of Electric Light

Chad Vangaalen – Willow tree

9. The Dodos – Visiter (French Kiss records)


Sounds Like: Hit it with your rhythm stick, hit it! hit it!

The most important thing about The Dodos’ music? The percussion. It’s this tsjakka tsjakka tsjakka sound, combined with folky folky songs, that  are catchy as hell. But still complex. It’s like the best tasting yoghurt ever, but you first seem to get the grasp of this brand new lid system. And they’ve got the refreshing taste of An Animal Collective that’s not too heavy on the acid.

The Dodos – Jodi

8.  Ladyhawk – Shots (Jagjaguwar)


Sounds like: Testosterone melancholic rock, magnolia el. co

I’m not fond of heavy electric guitar engineering. No Black Sabbath, AC/DC or other rock bands for me. But Ladyhawk seems to pull it of. They seem to go, in a songs ohia kind of way, manage to use the electric power for their benefit, instead of making dull rock songs. And because of that i greatly honour them  with the number 8 spot.

Ladyhawk – S.T.H.D

7. Okay – Huggable Dust (Absolutely Kosher)


Sounds like: a bug with a romantic soul.

IF there’s one band in this top 10 that you may not really dig, it’s Okay. His voice sounds like that of a dying moth, and his songs are repetitive till nuissance. But oh my god, if you just keep on listening, you’ll probably hear through this facade. And you’ll find out that this is amazingly sweet, romantic, fantastic, bloody wow.

Okay –  Beast

6. The Tallest Man on Earth – Shallow Graves (Gravitation)


Sounds like: everyone says bob dylan, so i’ll say Bob Dylan too.

It’s true. The Tallest man on Earth sounds a bit like old Bawb, but he still has his own distinctive voice. And then again, when did Bob release anything worthwile for the last time? (woohoo, let the pro-old-bob front prepare to bash me!). TMOE is a bit more lo-fi, there is a bit of noise on the back, but apart from that, the songs are amazingly good. This is roadsong music. Something you listen while you drive home from a good evening with persons you love, or a bad evening in which you just had a fight. As long as it’s night and you’re behind your steering wheel basically.

The Tallest Man on Earth – I Won’t Be Found

5. Wolf Parade – At Mount Zoomer (Sub Pop)


Sounds like: a combination of Sunset Rubdown, Handsome Furs and other great canadian indie. Heck, it is a combination!

Okay, maybe this record in the overal greatness of great albums isn’t really worth the number 5 spot, but i’m a sucker for this sort of indie music. Every Spencer Krug project let’s say. So, eerie voices, heavy indie rock and baloney music. Damn, this is good.

Wolf Parade – Call It a Ritual

4.  Ane Brun – Changing of The Seasons (DetErMine Records)


Sounds Like: my favourite female singer-songwriter from Sweden makes another heart-breaking record.

I’m really fond of Ane Brun. And as long as public radio doesn’t play her, i’ll keep on loving her (just joking, i don’t care about radio, cause i don’t listen to it). So, the best voice around, or one of the best and a really good talent of writing songs that hti you like a rock during national rock throwing day. You want to be hit, cause that’s the whole point. No mp3 (big label, scary!) , but a youtube link.

3. Johnny Flynn – A Larum (Vertigo Records)


sounds like: Old irish folk in a brand new 21st Century jacket.

I think this album is the one i’ve played most during the entire year, just because there doesn’t seem to be a mood not fit to listen to this. Flynn just uses an old formula, but succeeds in surprising me with it. It’s strange: i’m known as a singer-songwriter fanatic, and i’ve heard quite the lot of them, but it keeps on mesmerizing me how people can come up with new snogs that bedazzle me. that’s a lot of difficult words in one piece. Just listen will you? (By the way, also listen to his girlfriend Laura Marling. the UK Folk scene is alive and kicking)

Johnny Flynn – The Box

2. The Morning Benders – Talking Through Tin Cans (Self-Released)


Sounds like: The Shins, the Beatles, the pop, the sixties, the summer, the amazingly amazement singalong.

So, you want an album that you can listen to while barbecuing your veggie burgers? You need something that can serve as a soundtrack for that great summer where you will write a novel about in the future? The Morning Benders debut album is the one you need. They ended high in my promising artists list last year, and they amazingly met the expectations. This is heartwarming summer breeze pop for when you love the shins, but hate their popularity.

The Morning Bender s- Heavy Hearts

1. Why? – Alopecia (Anticon)


Sounds like: Anthems of a indie generation.

I don’t think most people realize how amazingly good this album is.  On the level of lyrics, there is nothing better released… it’s funny, witty, street poetry. But also musically it’s soo well organised that it even beats Chinese Government drills. There isn’t a sound out of place,. Those two stuff combined, together with the overal quality of the songs, makes this the album of the year for me.

Why? – Fatalist Palmistry

Thanks for your attention. Maybe there is more stuff coming up tomorrow, otherwise i’ll be gone until at least 3d of January. And then i’ll try to be a regular blogger again.

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9 Comments on “2008 Galore, pt. We’re there! 10 – 1”

  1. BramBr Says:

    Hey there !

    Thanks a lot for the Castanets cd ! (it seems like i’m running away with all your stuff)
    But it’s really really appreciated here ! (zeker als je met een studentikoos budjet én naar optredens wil én cd’s wil kopen én eens graag op cafe een goe bierke drinkt ook 😉 )

    And then some other things to tell 😉

    1) Bob Dylan (let’s start the discussion ! 😉 )
    I liked Modern Times a lot ! (better than the other things from the later work like “love and theft” or “Time out of mind”
    ( maybe i like the older stuff more but the later work shouldn’t be seen as worthless or something … modern times is for me as good as “the freewheelin dylan” or “desire” )

    Anyway … i’m still waiting for your bob dylan list (if i’m not mistaking you were planning some bob dylan lists quite some time ago (can’t remember if it was on myspace or in the beginning of this blog ) )

    And if I had to choose between the latest bob dylan bootleg or the tallest man on earth cd I choose the dylan cd (without a doubt) (sorry for the tallest man on earth … but maybe i have to listen that album a few more times cause i haven’t really listend much 😀 😀 )

    2) (this is all less important)
    Ane Brun

    Didn’t know she had a new cd this year !!
    a year or 2 ago i compiled a cd for my mother with her music and she really enjoyed that 🙂

    3) I’m still working on my own top 10 of this year too but i haven’t got an idea when that will be finished 😀

    Greetings to everybody and have a nice new year

  2. I just don’t think that the old bob Dylan is any competition for the young one (who is actually the old one…) .. I just am not so fond of this really crooked voice of this old man. And the next thing is probably blasphemous, but Desire…only has 3 or 4 good songs, and also a couple of very annoying ones.. 😀

    I don’t think many people know that Ane Brun had a new album. I haven’t ran into it anywhere, and if I hadn’t got it to review it, i probably wouldn’t have known myself.

    Curious to your top ten, just let me know!

  3. BramBr Says:

    Haha !!!
    That’s very nice to hear that !!
    Desire has some really GREAT songs … but indeed some who really aren’t worth it …
    That’s why it’s far not my favorite dylan album but it’s always so high in other people their dylan list so i tought mentioning that would be smart 😉
    Anyway these are some of my real favorite Dylan albums:
    (no particular order)
    Blood on the tracks ( that’s quite normal i guess 😉 )
    Planet waves
    Blonde on Blonde
    The Freewheelin dylan
    Modern Times ( with that really crooked voice … nearly reminds me somehow of tom waits)

    there are some others i really like too and then there are even more i’ve never really heard 😀

    PS: my 2008 list really sucks … i discovered lots of music this year (and i’m quite happy with that) but it was almost all music that wasn’t made in 2008 so that makes a sucky 2008 list 😀

  4. BramBr Says:

    and i completed my 2008 list too … as i said …
    it sucks … i missed a lot of 2008 albums … heard the bad ones … and discovered much more older cd’s

    Anyway here it is … (it’s also on the last.fm duyster forum with more details on all the stuff) go here if you want to spill you’re time to it: (in dutch)

    1) Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes
    2) Mumford and sons – roll away your stone/ …
    3)Mount Eerie – lost Wisdom / Dawn
    4)Curtis Eller – Firewalkers and Assassins
    5)Chad van Gaalen – Soft Airplane
    6)Sigur Ros – með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
    7) Timesbold – Ill seen Ill sung
    8) Johann Johannson – Fordlandia
    9) Misophone – Be glad you’re only human
    10) Noah and the Whale – Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down

  5. Smansmith Says:

    Nice list! I totally should have gotten in on the contest, I could have got a couple…maybe…
    Andd BramBr, nice list as well.


  6. Jan Says:

    And the second price is… ?
    Anyway, I guess I could only loose this contest, since I’m familiar with only very few of your favorites. My list would probably look totaly different, and luckily I can ease my mind with thought you wouldn’t know all the artists, as your knowledge on this topic is devastating. Huray.
    So thanks again for the probably enormous amount of time you must have “wasted” with this, it’s a nice list you delivered. Surprising and unpredictable would be the two words to discribe your blog. It’s a great way to discover music.
    Secondly, as you’re discussing with Bram about the old, grey Dylan, he’s quite a diehard fan of him, he’s even going to see hem in Vorst next year and tried to pull me into it as well. I shouldn’t lose too much time on him, since you’ve been losing allready a lot. 🙂
    Keep it blogging.

  7. Debby Says:

    Het wordt blijkbaar tijd dat ik dat Why?-album eens probeer.

    (Ik weiger in het Engels te antwoorden)

  8. Audience Says:

    Dat wacht niet eens tot het bij ons online staat. Hoe zwak.

  9. Ming Wu Says:

    Wow that is a great list you put.

    Love Chad’s album.

    Here is mines

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