Lord Of the Rings, the better version: Bone (Jeff Smith)

blog_011-753041What? Bone by Jeff Smith

About? An epic story about three funny looking creatures who are cousins (Phone Bone, Smiley Bone and Phoncible Bone). They end up in a sort of Fantasy-like valley after being chased out of Boneville, and suddenly find themselves amidst a sort of Lord of The Rings battle between rat creatures, dragons and medieval humans.

I just spent last week  reading ‘Bone’ by jeff Smith, the acclaimed comic artist.  And what can I say? All these awards this comic book got are well-deserved. I’m not very fond of Fantasy. Dragons, elves…most of the time they just piss me off. So I didn’t read Tolkien’s oeuvre, nor did I enjoy the films. But ‘Bone’, although very epic fantasy at times, is just better, because it’s funnier. It’s this clash of Fantasy-realism and the cartoonesque figurs of the Bone cousins.

It’s no graphic novel. It doesn’t fit the definition I use, but then again…a 1,332 page long comic book which tells one story with the grandeur of one of the most famous books of the 20st Century.. Can’t you consider that ‘a graphic novel’?

Franktly, i don’t care. You should all just go and read it.


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