Am I Nostradamus? The Results of the Jury


I didn’t have a blog last year, but i did have all these end-of-year lists, including the 2007 Young Talents list. I posted them on

Now, i thought it would’ve been a fun idea to see whether i have good prophecying skills. To put it differently: how did those bands do this year? Did they live up to my expectations, or did they just sit on their lazy ass all time

Well, lets’s see!

9. Imadethismistake .. I’ve blogged about them before. As far as I know (and their myspace doesn’t really help), they haven’t released new songs, although he stepped away from teh acoustic path and started to go electric (maybe he was electric all the time, but i just focused my opinion on that one album i knew). Anyway, still like the songs on his myspace. Mr. Kylewilliam Capol, if you read this, you can always let me know what you’re doing! Still looking forward to this.

8. French Quarter: Well, on his website you can read that there will appear an album in January 2009, which we are all extremely looking forward too!

7.  Begushkin: They released a proper debut album this year, called King’s Curse, which you can order here. He stepped away from sounding like Will Oldham’s little nephew, and now is sort of a nick cave thing. It’s a pretty weird album (well it’s got this strange atmosphere. I’m not sure what to think of it)

a song from the new album: Begushkin – Refugee And the Hag

and one from the EP: Begushkin – Nightly Things

6. The Morning Benders: Well, just wait and see how high their debut album ‘Talking Through Tin Cans’ is in my list. (it’s high, i can tell you that). In the meanwhile, do yourself a favor and download their Bedroom Covers album for free. Not as good as the album, but pretty good.

5. Randall of Nazareth: Complete Silence

4. BeatBeat Whisper. They Also released a proper debut album, which sounds very nice (but will not be in my list) and is called ‘Wonder Continental’. Buy it at their website. Beware, only 70 copies left!  I also found out that the guy has released a soloalbum under the moniker ‘That Blasted Hound’, which you can freely download here. Some nice singer-songwriterstuff. Ayla Nereo, his sister, also has a solo-album, but that’s a bit older i think (too lazy to look it up, can you imagine that?)

3.  David Vandervelde: Well, he’s perhaps the biggest disappointment on my list. His second album ‘Waiting For The Sunrise’ was quite boring. I’m quite fond of 70’s like singersongwriters, but this was just kind of dull.

Just check it out for yourself:

David Vandervelde – I will be fine (from Waiting For The Sunrise)

DAvid Vandervelde – Jacket (From Last years Moonstation house band)

2. Kid Harpoon: I only recently found out that he had a second EP (called the Second EP), which unfortunately didn’t really live up to my expectations. He sent me (and all the other people on his mailinglist, not an unimportant detail) a mail. Next week, he will upload video’s on his site in which he covers a song, and we could do suggestions. I made following list.

1. M.Ward – Sad Song
2. Bonnie PRince Billy – I See A Darkness
3. Something By Andrew Bird
4. Ane Brun – Tree House
5. Something by Bob Dylan (Desolation Row let’s say)
6. A Daniel Johnston Song
7. Fionn Regan – Put A Penny In The Slot
8. Herman Düne – Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day
9. Iron & Wine – NAked As WE Came
10. Something by nick drake

I wonder if anythign of that will be up there, especially after I’ve just said that his second EP was not that good. Sorry Kid Harpoon! Anyway, keep an eye on his website. You do need to register, but that’s just a formality, so don’t let that stop you!

1. Bon Iver: Well, i get 10,000 points for this don’t I? In Belgium the biggest hype since Elvis. No, not really, but Bon Iver got some spins on national radio, got invited to this talkshow in Belgium (on National tv), and people repeatedly told me to check out this guy called Bon Iver. I just bragged about how i knew him before everyone else, cause i’m like that sometimes.

Let’s see, that’s a 3 out of 9.

That sucks.

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