Bookworm Wednesday will be no more…

Sreading-a-book2o, by obliging myself to write about a novel, author or something else literary each wednesday, i’ve been limiting myself. Actually I should be able to write more than once a week about books, and i should be able not to write literature if i don’t feel like it.

The problem i have with this, is that it clearly shows in my stats that no one is interested in books. It could be because of my crappy choices, and my crappy writing about it (I can write, i just don’t try hard enough on this blog. If i’ll ever believe in the benefits of releasing my own literary work – let’s call them stories, that sounds less highbrowed – on the internet, I’ll prove it to you. But first try to start a decent literary career).

But I think it is because people want to get advice in small texts. They Want lists, and lists that make sure they will like the book i’m writing about. They want comparisons, they want graphs proving it’s something up their alley., … I like e.g. browsing through Amazon, to see all the Listmania lists.

Maybe i’ll try something new with this book obsession of mine. Give you a list of all i’m reading (right now, just Borges, Knut Hamsun’s  ‘Hunger’ and Salinger’s  ‘Raise High The Roof Beam, Carpenters/ Seymour: an Introduction‘) or what I’ve bought this week (too many graphic novels)

Or i could take this book 1001 Books you’ve must read before you die (the Dutch edition) and tell you what i read and if i liked it. But i’m not good in dissecting literature (well, i am a little bit in my head, but i think it’s a waste of time)

Well, anyway, Someone told me I talk too much on my blog, and she’s absolutely right

So let’s end it here. There will be literature in the future, i’m just not sure how. (and it will be just for me if no one reads it)  And for the sake of it, i’ll keep on calling it Bookworm Wednesday, or otherwise i have to make other categories and stuff…and i’m not in the mood for that.

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One Comment on “Bookworm Wednesday will be no more…”

  1. Arukiyomi Says:

    You might be interested in heading over to Arukiyomi’s blog and picking up a copy of the new version of Arukiyomi’s 1001 books spreadsheet .

    Along with calculating how many books you need to read a year before you die, there’s all the 2008 edition books, all those removed from the 2006 edition, links to wikipedia , and and Google books.

    Happy reading!

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