Stop ignoring women, inside outsock: Rachel Lipson

Who? Rachel Lipson

What? Antifolk singersongwriter with a sweet voice

Sounds like? Kimya Dawson but sweeter, Laura Gibson, BeatBeat Whisper

I haven’t checked it, but if i let my brain work and run through all the artists i’ve been bloggin about, i miss women. There was miss autopsy, who is not a woman but just calls himself one, and the wind whistles but that’s partially man.

So, Rachel Lipson. She has a website, but that hasn’t been updated in a while, and she has a myspace. more to know? She lives in Brooklyn, has recorded an album with André Herman Düne (who is now known as Stanley Brinks) and her songs are sweet and folky. It reminds me of Kimya Dawson without the hoarse voice. I could hear them cover each other songs, taht’s for sure.

Just very minimalist, but  really beautiful.

I love women. Both songs are from the album Some More Songs… which you can order on her website by sending her some money in a well-sealed envelope (the old-fashioned way)..harder for europeans to get the albums this means…

Rachel Lipson – Pastures

Rachel Lipson – What Won’t Wait For You

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