Music Managers, aaaargh

With a big mp3-collection, it’s necessary that you have a good music library that gives an easy overview of all your songs. I use Ejay Virtual Music Manager 2007 (which is actually Helium 2007).

And today it crashed … AGAIN. It crashes all the time, there are no updates to be found, it’s full of bugs… but if it works it’s a great program..

I would like to use winamp, but that keeps crashing too (no idea why, i even uninstalled and re-installed).

Itunes? Neih, i don’t like it.

Windows Media Player is the worst however, completely impossible to navigate through when you’re having quite a number of songs. So i’ll just reload Ejay again.

waiting for the next crash …

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2 Comments on “Music Managers, aaaargh”

  1. UncleX Says:

    ivm Winamp: een ‘clean install’ kan helpen,zoals uitgelegd hier:

    Daarna Winamp opnieuw downloaden en installeren (automatisch, niks weglaten) en zien of dat helpt. Bij mij was dit alleszins voldoende, soms geeft hij nog een foutbericht bij het afsluiten, maar dat is slechts mild irritant.

  2. smur89 Says:


    i used it for a while on my old PC… i use itunes on my mac now, ive grown to love it! plus its the only thing that works with my ipod/lastfm!

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