In a time when Druids flourished: Comus

Who? Comus

What? The first real Freakfolk band

Sounds like? Irish Leprechauns holding some strange ritual druid parties near Stonehenge and the sun is just going under never to rise again.

Ok, because i’m too busy listening to music from 2008, I decided not to blog about bands that have released something this year anymore until my list is complete and published. Old stuff (stuff from last year is old too by the way) is all it’s about next month.

So, let’s start with really old stuff… sixties, seventies, timeless..who cares. Comus is one of the most challenging bands you’ve ever heard (well, i’m talking about their first album ‘First utterance’). If you’re into folk, you’ll really love this. It’s kind of horror folk, spooky as hell, but never betraying their druid, pagan roots.

A lot of blasphemy and kick in the balls of everything christian. Let my enthusiasm not turn you off, by the way.

Comus – Drip Drip

Comus – Song of Comus

The downloads are quite heavy, but really really worth it!

The album got reissued, together with their second album (which is really really bad) . Here is this complete collection. only 7 euro’s. wow, that’s really cheap. you should all be ordering NOW!

(just thinking..maybe i should start a Classics-series. the albums you must own…let me see if i can find time to do so…)

(and it won’t contain U bloody dumb day 2)

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3 Comments on “In a time when Druids flourished: Comus”

  1. Ella Guru Says:

    Jij bent toch ook geen Circulus fan?

  2. Circulus ken ik ook wel van naam, maar nog niet echter dieper naar op zoek geweest..

  3. omben Says:

    diana keren, paganisme banget

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