Drowning in Lists

I checked it. Last year i had a list by the end of Oktober. What kind of list? A list of the best records of 2007, and a list of the 9 best upcoming bands, and then 2 lists of the most beautiful and ugliest album covers. I even had a list of bands that wouldn’t make my lists.

Yep, lists is the keyword here. I’ve been spending the last three weeks relistening the 314 (!) albums of 2008 on my computer, taking into consideration that i have thrown away a lot, but also that there are always new albums added onto the list. It’s fighting a music tsunami, for no clear reasons.

Right now, i’ve got a shortlist of 85 bands (for 50 places), and I also have around 120 albums to listen (plus two new albums a day) …sigh, you all must think i’m mad. and then there are some very good albums coming out later this year. The New album by Misophone is for the middle of november, and the debut album by Fire on Fire for December. They just won’t make the list.

So, why should I bother? Why being so strict about it? No idea. It’s something in my genes i think. I’ve been making lists since i was a real small boy (back then i made lists of soccer teams, soccer players, and I started making new lists every month or so). It’s something I do and want to handle as punctual as needed. Until I get tired and just make up stuff.

Anyway, somewhere in November, the lists will appear here somewhere. At the end of that month, the big list. It will be not complete, i’m sure about that.

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2 Comments on “Drowning in Lists”

  1. _Winters Says:

    ooit al eens hulp voor gezocht?
    hmm, kijk eigenlijk wel uit naar jouw lijstje(s) .. zolang niemand er maar één van mij verlangd. (ik steek mijn kop wel in het zand, bedolven onder een hele hoop CD’s .. schoon graf toch)

    die foto: zeg dat die ergens vandaan geplukt is en niet uit uwe living?

  2. dat is niet mijn living nee 😀
    daar zal ik nog wel wat moeite voor moeten doen, om ooit zoveel cd’s te hebben (en ik heb gemerkt dat geen mens eigenlijk zoveel cd’s nodig heeft, dus of ik er ooit ga geraken, is erg onwaarschijnlijk.)

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