Bookworm Wednesday: Erlend Loe

Who? Erlend Loe

What? Naïvity rules

Books to read? Naive.Super is the only in English (I think). His book Doppler is also available in Dutch, and quite recommended.

While standing before one of my many bookcrates (I’ve got all these tiny ammunition crates piled up, so it looks like a detachable book shelf), I realized a lot of my books are lent out. Of course, i don’t have every book I liked (once I will), but there are really quite some books missing. I sort of know who got one of my books, but not very sure. So, whoever is reading this and got one of my books, just let me know…i have to start writing it down.

Anyway. I noticed Erlend Loe is missing. I think my sister has my Dutch copy of Naive.Super. SHe doesn’t really is into literature, but once in a while – in my mission to get everyone to read – i give her a book. Erlend Loe is an excellent author to start reading I Think. I read somewhere the Norwegian Nick Hornby, and that is sort of correct, except for the fact that when reading Hornby, you know it’s well constructed, whereas Loe seems to be less thought of. Naiv.Super is about a guy who can’t find meaning in his life, and spends his time making lists and doing nothing. A very charming read, which really gave me goosebumps.

his third novel, doppler, is even better. A guy who falls with his bike in the woods, decides to stay there and gets home to get a tent and live in the woods. There he becomes friends with a moose.

Loe creates a world like the one you may know from the movie ‘Amelie Poulain’. It’s not surreal, but it has a romantic charm.

I hope for the English readers that Doppler gets translated soon enough, cause it’s really worth the read.

you can buy Naïve. Super here.

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2 Comments on “Bookworm Wednesday: Erlend Loe”

  1. Marie Says:

    I love Erlend Loe. Muleum is my favourite – the story of a young girl who loses her family in a plane crash, and then struggles to find a reason to carry on with her life. Doesn’t sound like it but it’s extremely funny, as always with Loe, and well, it just struck a chord with me. I don’t think it’s been translated into English yet, we should start a campaign to find a publisher for him in the UK 🙂

  2. ninia Says:

    i…love erlend lue i like very mutch his book about a boy who don’ t know exists or not the time he is very nice i love his character …i love erneld lue!does the time exists??i don’t know:):)

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