There is an artist at work: Astrid Yskout

If you happen to be in Brussels one of these days, more precisely from now till 4th of November, you really should have a quick stop at Maison De la Musique, a music centre. There is a small exhibition there from one of my dearest friends, Astrid Yskout.

She makes illustrative art that is nostalgic, moving, surreal at times, but most of all hauntingly beautiful. She really deserves your attention: Just look at some of the pictures here:

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2 Comments on “There is an artist at work: Astrid Yskout”

  1. freakystyle Says:

    Is zij ook van het Wixel-artwork? Dat moet bijna wel, het lijkt er verdraaid veel op. Bijzonder 🙂

  2. Ja, zij is idd ook de persoon achter het artwork van Wixel (:
    Intussen is ze volgens mij wel enorm veel gegroeid (en dat artwork van wixel was al erg mooi)

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