whydoweneedinterPUNKtion?: Imadethismistake

Who? Imadethismistake

What? Emotional Acoustic Sort of Punk. Don’t even think about callin’ it Emo. Maybe call it Elmo.

Sounds Like? Emotional Acoustic Punk off course. Antifolk,maybe.

I make mistakes all the time. Just a few hours ago i made a mistake of not giving this girl a story i wrote for her. (The story was only 5 lines long and contained no dirty words). Alas, now she’ll be gone from my life. Strangely enough, that’s exactly the feeling Imadethismistake translates into something musical. Next to the teenage despair, there is this emotional feeling of something that has been lost forever.

The singer doesn’t really sing, he has a strange parlando style. He breathes too hard, and at the end of each line he seems to be out of air. But I guess this weird singing is what attracted me to it in the first place.

Their album ‘Tomorrow We Start New’ was on my top 10 list of great bands for the future. When i listened to it again, today, i realized they should have been in the big list.

Imadethismistake – Imaginary Notes

Imadethismistake – College Or A Broken Nose

Both songs are from this album, that you can buy at the wonderful Music Store CD baby, the place if you wanna discover new stuff.

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