Mixtapes Madness Part 2

Just to let you guys know. I have made some tapes after all.

1. Nineties (or nineties sounding) indie: Built To Spill, The Halo Benders,.. stuff like that.. Damn that was a very fine drive, when i listened to that.

2. Lower than Low-fi: some kind of noisy lofi songs. Because i think that’s sort of what tapes are all about. Think of stuff like No Age, but also Fennesz who uses a lot of distortion.

3. Bob Dylan, Pt. 1: well, part 1 means there is a part 2

4. Bob Dylan, Pt. 2: because it’s impossible to fit every necessary song of Dylan on 1 tape of 90 minutes.

5. No, there isn’t a Bob Dylan, Pt. 3 yet

6. Vintage Singersongwriters that sound timeless: Nick Drake, Bert Jansch, but also people like Johnny Flynn (i’ll blog about him in the future), Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, and so on.

7. Yep there is a part 2 of that Vintage singersongwriters.

Now i’m working on a singalong tape, so i can singalong. I notice I don’t have that many singalong songs.

Other plans: The Canada-tape (with bands from canada), Pssssychedelic-tape (animal collective, comus), Some loud indie songs, and just a lot lot more.

Damn, it just keeps a very time consuming thing. Mixtapes.

I love it.

PS: tracklists on request.  (not that i’m a mixtapes authority, nor am i a messenger or king of the mixtape kingdom)

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4 Comments on “Mixtapes Madness Part 2”

  1. Debby Says:

    All car mix tapes should be sing-a-long tapes.

  2. Ella Guru Says:

    You can make me a mixtape anytime!

    Doe je ook aan grafische versieringen, tekeningetjes en gekke lettertypes?

  3. Ella Guru Says:

    (op het tekstbladje van de mixtape, welteverstaan)

  4. ik zal wel eens ‘n cassette maken (:
    (mijn tapejes zijn echter zo oud dat ze zelfs geen tekstblaadjes meer hebben)

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