The Noble but exhausting art of making Mixtapes in the 21st Century

Woohoo, i’ve got a driver’s license.

Woohoo, i’ve got a car (i had that before the license)

Woohoo, I’ve got a cassette player, and at home a cassette recorder connected to my computer. So i can make good old fashioned mixtapes!

So much for the Woohoo-part, cause i’ve been planning on making tapes all week, and all I’ve come up with is 35 themed playlists, most of them containing 1 song. Contrary to the past, I just got too much music to choose from, which means I end up choosing nothing.

Right now, i’m making a nineties indie tape. Because I don’t have that much nineties indie stuff (i’m really looking for the nineties sound like Built To Spill, Pavement, Halo Benders, …) i’m progressing quite well. But still, i’m having a hard time selecting the right songs. I want these tapes to be the perfect companion in my car.

I’m probably taking it all waaaaay too serious (not probably, i’m sure i do) … and i should just throw 12 songs together, but it’s way too hard for me..

There is a back-up plan. I just go to the second hand store and buy all tapes, and just let them surprise me. That could turn out to be really annoying drives i think.

If anyone got any advice on this, just let me know!

(I could use Tiny Mix Tapes and just steal their mixtapes, but it takes off course the joy away of making them myself…sigh…)

PS: It’s nice in times of financial madness to whine about something which is completely useless.

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