Medieval Troubadour gets lost during time travel: Paul Roland

who? Paul Roland

What? Medieval sounding singersongwriter

Sounds like? Robyn Hitchcock, the peaceful version of Comus, The Waterboys, David Bowie

Paul Roland…a guy from the eighties about whom I know absolutely nothing. And then i decided to put my laziness away and at least read his biography on So he writes books about mysticism…that’s no wonder, hearing his music.

Especially his album ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’ from 1987 is a classic that got lost in time somewhere. On this timeless album, Roland plays a sort of medieval sounding folk, that is a little scary. I haven’t heard any album that gets so close to the creepy sound of 70’s folk band Comus.  Next to that, the eighties are also present, but then the eigthies I can stand.  It could also be a David Bowie acoustic bootleg ( well, the song Demin In A Glass Case really is)

Roland tells stories that seem to come froma 19th Century madhouse. Listen e.g to ‘Gary Gilmore Eyes’.

Paul Roland – Gary Gilmore Eyes

Paul Roland – Madhouse

And the coolest thing? His music got reissued, together with another album of his on one disc! You can buy it at CDBaby.

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One Comment on “Medieval Troubadour gets lost during time travel: Paul Roland”

  1. chemasuarez Says:

    the eyes of Gary Gilmore. Gary Gilmore really was a man executed in usa ‘s 70s.Norman Mailer wrote a book on it. “The Executioner’s song”, and also a film.Tommy Lee_Jones,i believe…was Gary Gilmore. ah,you have a good taste in music.sincerely yours.chemasuarez

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