The Eighties were never this wrong: John Maus

Who? John Maus

What? 80’s synth pop, but then the parody version

Sounds Like? Only 80’s people know

John Maus, isn’t such a name the perfect name for an artist? I believe it is.  Maus, part of the strange band Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti (music even I don’t really get), has two albums full of eighties doom pop, with witty lyrics and well…a sort of David Bowie from somewhere in the country-feeling to it.

I must admit, i know nothing of the eighties. It’s the music era i deliberately try to neglect, the middle ages of pop music. But John Maus appeals to me (probably just because it’s weird)… So, enough of the gibberish (someone told me i talk too much in my blog posts). Here are some John Maus tunes. Real Bad Job has a nintendo-feel to it (you’ll know what I mean after you hear), Rights for gays is a pro-gay song, and is even a bit catchy!

John Maus – Rights For Gays

John Maus – Real Bad Job

John Maus has released two albums, one called ‘Songs’ (his best in my humble opinion), the other one called ‘Love is real’. THey both got released by the experimental label Upset The Rhythm.

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One Comment on “The Eighties were never this wrong: John Maus”

  1. Freakystyle Says:

    Luister eens naar Hardcore Pops Are Fun van Ariel Pink, dan snap je het wel 😉

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