Wind-up Birds and Cuckoo Dolls: Birdengine

Who? Birdengine

What? Instrumental sparse beautiness, field recordings folk

Sounds Like? Yann Tiersen (at least the one song i’m posting), Vincent Gallo miniature soundscapes

One of the greatest cd’s of all times is “Recordings of Music For Film” by the quite egocentric asshole Vincent Gallo. There is nothing wrong with being an asshole, but because I do believe Gallo could sue anyone that dares to post one of his songs, i’ll just be the chicken and go for an unknown alternative.

To be honest: I’ve only got one small EP by Birdengine. An ep he recorded for the Minerals Series of Benbecula Records. But there are at least 3 wonderful songs on this little jewel, so that i just think this guy is worth knowing about. One is ‘Faster little man’, which sounds as a song that didn’t make the Amelie Poulain-soundtrack, whereas ‘Too Late’ is a melancholic Gipsy-balkan sadness.

Birdengine – Faster Little Man

Birdengine – Too Late

The man has released a full album at Drift Records. Probably gonna buy it soon or put it on the ever longer getting wishlist. If someone has the album, let me know if it’s as great as these two songs!  (his MySpace surely has some great songs, and I love it when he sings!)

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