Extreme indie!

Yesterday, at an editorial meeting from daMusic, the great Dutch musiczine i’m engaged in, someone described me as “Extreme indie”.

Great!, I Thought, “finally recognition for the endless searches of new music and the piles of awfully bad music I’ve been going through these last years. I can finally say I’m extreme indie and retire. I hope someone will make a movie out of my life as an extreme indie.” Too bad he didn’t call me an indie snob (cause basically, that’s what I am… i can do really – to my own enjoyment i must admit – be mean about music i do not like, although i try to avoid it)

In the train home i started thinking what defines me as such. Is it these eternal endless quests of looking for music that no man has ever heard before and I can say “I knew him before anyone else did” ? (in fact, i just look for music because i don’t have a girlfriend to spend all this free time with). I think it has got more to do with the fact that I’m not willing to let the radio stations and record labels tell me what I need to listen and like. (and because i’m a bit of a maniac in music stuff) In all those music-discovering years I’ve found so many amazing things that will never be heard on radio stations (probably because the majority of the people hate the stuff I like), that i can’t stop looking now. My searches will go on, thanks to all the hundreds of music lovers on the internet that, just like me, share one thing : their love for music.

According to Google Images the picture underneath is “Extreme indie”. WEll, i’m not like that.

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3 Comments on “Extreme indie!”

  1. Ella Guru Says:

    Hey gij, extreme indiër!

  2. Dick Richie Says:

    In mijn ogen is Extreme Indie in de muziekwinkel gaan luisteren naar mensen die hun eerste gitaar komen kiezen. Vroeger kan je ze niet ontdekken!

  3. Ella Guru Says:

    Ssshhtt! Breng hem niet op ideeen!

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