Nothin’ as sad as sex: Dana Hilliot

Who? Dana Hilliot

What? a sad guy singin’ dirty songs

Sounds like? Milo Jones, an acoustic Arab Strap (or Aidan John Moffat to be more precisely)

Would the use of the word Radiohead and ‘In Rainbows’ get me more hits in Google? I guess not, but still I want to talk about this so-called revolutionary idea of releasing full albums for free on the internet. They were not the first! Okay okay, they were the first real big band, but still.. If you just look at a blog like Free album galore, which has been presenting free albums for many years now, you’ll see that the internet is a place where many bands promote themselves by putting an entire album online for free.

A few years back I accidentally, on my many music hunts online, a french guy who doesn’t really sing but mumbles more, and sings songs about “his own life”. Those many adventures include a lot of pussies and breasts and asses (wonder how many hits THIS will give me), but instead of just making awful elektropop, he manages to create beautiful folk songs, especially on his album ‘I was a rabbit and I won’.

this is how he describes himself in his biography:

“Well, let’s say in bulk and without any hierarchy: Dana Hilliot… Low-fi storyteller, slow-core crooner, indie-folk ambassador, soft-porno songwriter, serial-lover, serial-loser, ex-punk who became a neo-hippie, joyful depressive person, prince of his own darkness, and pretty rough guitarist… “

Anyway, go out and listen to his songs. I won’t link directly to his mp3’s, cause you can just go his site on and stream the album in its entirety. Songs that are recommended: ‘Girl’s Asses’ and ‘Jurassic Part’. On his personal website you can find more links to other albums.

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