Even The Hangman has friends: Fire on Fire

Who? Fire on Fire

What? Campfire folk singalong please

Sounds Like? Akron/Family, acoustic Animal Collective

I’m not the obsessive music fan that wants to know all the in and outs of a band. That means i usually don’t go look for biographies to know who plays along with whom and in which other bands they play. It took me for instance a while to find out that Spencer Krug in Sunset Rubdown WASN’t Casey Mercer from Frog eyes.

This little introduction just to say that i know next to nothing from the band Fire on Fire. I know they are from Portland, and I know Portland is the epicenter of all good indie music these days (All good bands turn out to be from Portland. If I ever visit the USA, Portland is on the list). I know that they were on the “Bands to Watch”list from Stereogum, and have released an EP on Young God records with at least 3 brilliant songs. One of them, Hangman, you can listen here.

The best song however is the 8 min 13 seconds long song Three or More…So, what you do, is first download Hangman, which is a more uptempo song, and then you listen Three or More. THen you have heard 2 of the 5 songs, and wait for their debut album which is being released in december. damn, that means i have to wait with my Best of 2008-list till then.

Fire on Fire – Three Or More

PS: you can normally buy their EP at young God records, but as we speak their site is under re-construction. So put a memo in your diary, so taht as soon as the site is online again, you can spend some money on this EP. (Or find another place where you can buy the album)

Small update: I just found out they are from SOUTH PORTland, Maine. But well, i’m not gonna rewrite all this… so, our little secret, let’s just pretend they are from Portland, Oregon…

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