Two men walkin’ in the desert: Gerry (Gus Van Sant)

What? Gerry

Who? Matt Damon, Casey Affleck, Gus van Sant (director)

What? An existential movie with beautiful cinematography and a wonderfully fitting soundtrack by Arvo Pärt.

If there is one art form which I know nothing about, but truly appreciaty, then it’s cinema. I haven’t seen that many of the classics (although I want to), and there are a lot of well-known movies I don’t like. Most of them contain brainless action…I know that as a heterosexual male, I’m supposed to get all excited with Arnold Schwarzenegger movies or the next Die Hard, but i just couldn’t give a damn. Perhaps I’m too artsy-fartsy for that. Or pretend to be like that. Or miss some essential hormones that the alpha male does have .

Anyway, I don’t know a thing about movies, but I do have a few of them, that I would just talk about so that you all go and rush to the movie store of your favourite torrent site to download it. I know that most alpha males probably would shoot me for saying that Gerry by Gus Van Sant is a good movie, and probably most females would do too. ‘Gerry’ is slow. Extremely slow. And franktly, there isn’t even a very good plot. Two young guys, both named Gerry, go for a walk in some local desert, get lost and walk around there for some days and then…Well, let’s not spoil the ending.  During this walk they hardly say a word to each other, so that all you see for a 103 minutes are two guys walking in the most beautiful landscapes, accompanied by a brilliant classical piece of Arvo Pärt. 

I watched this movie a few years ago, on my own, while it was dark outside. Unfortunately, my dad came home after 40 minutes, and decided to put his computer on. Not that i don’t like my dad, but this movie should be watched in utter silence. In an environment where you can just walk along with the two gerry’s and contemplate about life. I read in the trailer a comparison with Beckett and sort of agree (not that I’ve read that much of Beckett, but the absurdism and tense atmosphere are very equal) .

I’ll probably blog more about movies in the future, but it won’t be on a weekly basis, because I would very soon get out of inspiration…And i don’t wanna talk about Amélie Poulain or other movies almost everyone knows… (though i really enjoy that movie)

(more music updates probably later this evening)

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One Comment on “Two men walkin’ in the desert: Gerry (Gus Van Sant)”

  1. Smansmith Says:

    Oh My God, Gerry! This movie is a test in patience. Very minimal to say the least, but that is the point. I admit, I fast forwarded once, but was scared I would miss conversation……..

    This is too good that you posted on this!


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